• Cracking is to break or destroy a game(cheating) Hacking is to Mod or examine the mechanics.

    Hacking does not necessarily mean to cheat. When you hack something you are going into its system and finding ways to change or alter them. Let's use Minecraft for an example; Minecraft is hacked every time someone creates a MOD. This increases the knowledge of the gaming community and allows for more options in how to play the game. Personal experience: there are many games I would not have bought if there wasn't a hacked version of it for me to try before hand.

  • To cheat, no. To have fun, yes!

    If you are hacking a game in order to make another player's experience miserable, then that's just being a douche. Everyone enjoys having an unfair advantage over others, but it takes any real sport out of the game.

    If you want to host a hacked game where everybody has super-jump or unlimited rocket launchers, go for it and have fun!

  • To learn the mechanics of said games

    That is, if ye're going to use the mechanics of the game ye hack to design new games, no matter how similar or different; SO WHAT if that's all ye intend to do?! Hobbyists like the Parker Brothers and Reiner Knizia were famous for the [tabletop] games they designed. So why can't hackers do virtually the same?

  • I hacked a game myself

    I hacked this game called Fly like a bird 3, and I didn't bully anybody, or ruin their life. I became famous as one of the top hackers and after that I played games on the internet less and explored the internet more. I've been all over the web, from sourceforge to wikia to archive.Org and Ken Silverman's old homepage, and to the Hidden Wiki in Onionland, through TOR. I also know how to program in assembly thanks to hacking fly like a bird 3.

  • Yes why not?

    We pay and play games why should we be able to do what ever we want with them. Poeple have started to develop games now at home. Power to the people is what i say dont let teh massive companies keep there foot down on you !!!!! I love games but i love freedom more

  • Sometimes we want to enjoy full features

    It is true that some games challenge players to complete certain levels or skills or scores to unlock some interesting features. However, there are some occasions on which users want to enjoy or experience full games but they don't have time to unlock or it's virtually difficult to achieve that. Therefore, they will need cheat the games to expose all features because it's a easy, fast, and effective way to do that

  • Why should we hack?

    Nowadays with improving technology, more and more people are playing computer/video games and hacking them. But is this the path to follow?
    Hacking computer games is not fair to other people. Looking for the cheat engine or going to a website just wastes your time and effort. Hacking computer games can cause you to start to feel bored, and in online multiplayer games, people will feel that it is unfair and stop playing the game they like. The worse thing is, when people see that other people are hacking the software, they want to hack the game too! It will not be easy stopping this widespread disease. That is why I have posted this question. Good Luck

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THZX says2013-09-04T03:08:10.670
There is currently a game about hacking. So why can't we hack a game about hacking?