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  • No, I do not believe he is a spy

    Chuck Hagel is an American veteran and former legislator who has made sacrifices for the United States. I do not think he is a spy for Iran or any other country. President Obama has nominated him to be Secretary of Defense so I would think that backgrounds check have already been run.

  • No, and honestly who cares

    People are going to believe anything that they are told without listening to the facts. The second you show un-patriotic behavior no matter what the reason behind it, you are thrown under a bus and Hagel has been. There is no proof behind it, and its all speculation until proven otherwise.

  • Seriously?

    People in this world are getting a little bit too paranoid. I do not believe that Hagel is an Iranian spy. People will truly believe anything that they are told, it is pretty ridiculous nowadays. Wake up people, this is not reality you're living in!

  • Is this Fox News?

    Lord, the tin foil hat is strong with this one. I'm sure there are people that legitimately believe this because in America today ever doing anything other than showering Israel with unwavering praise = ridiculous and unpatriotic behavior, but no. He isn't and it makes me sad knowing it's theorized often enough that he is for this question to exist.

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