• Halliburton is evil

    Honestly I watched enough of "conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura" where the former governor had Halliburton in almost every of his episodes for there evil needs I also did research where here one for example is proof to there evilness. We all remember the gulf oil spill where alot of people got hurt or does and a lot of animals and our oecans where damn he by the oil but now killing people by using poision in the clean up to brake up the oil, Isnt it odd that just eleven days before the accident happen Halliburton purched the biggest oil clean up company eleven days before the spill but the day the spill happens Halliburton and BP and another big company seem to have gotten 85% more money with the clean up than pumping the crud oil when the clean up was happing BP and Halliburton used a chemical called "corexit" if you don't know what it is. It a very strong chemical that barely brakes down the oil into bugs small blobs and have it sink down into the pecan so they can say it done when the oil Still there because it out ta sight. But corexit contains arsenic cabmium chronima mercy and cydnine basically your poison of the day but even the epa told BP do NOT use core it because it very very harmful to the invoremeant and to humans! Epa even asked them to used a different chemical that less toxic but BP Claimed they couldn't and kept sparring this poison!

  • The worst capitalism has to offer

    Look what Bush and Cheney have done to the Middle east and region. . Since the Desert Storm war and creation of ISIS as a reaction to their actions. Millions of human lives and trillions of dollars wasted and for what? The to enrich the pockets of a few greedy white men, Who are mentally insane and hell bent on greed and destruction of who ever might be their next victims.

  • They literally have a private military

    Everything they did in Nigeria, The gang rape situation in Iraq, The fact that they earned billions of dollars because of the Iraq war. They are just an evil megacorporation. The amount of shady, Dystopian type stuff that goes on at Halliburton is so disgusting and terrifying. It's crazy to think people actually think Halliburton is just "any other company"

  • All big corporations are "evil"

    If your definition of evil is a huge company 100% concerned about making as much profit as possible for their shareholders then 99% of corporations in America are evil. Yes some care more than others about the environment and other social and ecological issues, but they pretty much are all "evil" as they worry more about profits than anything else.

  • Every company has their ups and downs.

    Even though they've made mistakes, they try to fix them by doing their best to repair damages made and decreasing their errors. No company is perfect, they all have skeletons in the closet. It's just a matter of fixing them and moving on to better productions and customer service. Halliburton has done what any company would do. What would you do?

  • Halliburton is not evil

    I don't think that Halliburton is evil. I think they are just being professional. Halliburton is just a oil company. Halliburton have to face all the issues as company that the normal people go through. The reason why people hate them is because the rising oil prices but if prices for them increase then it increases for all of them.

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