• Hell yeah it is.

    I grew up with Halo so this is a bit biased, but the story for Halo is much better than most call of duty games, and the art work is truly beautiful. I will admit that a few Call Of Duty games have been great, EX: Black Ops, World at War, and Modern Warfare. But compared to Halo their story's are not as great.

  • The story tells it all

    At least halo has a story line, COD has the same one every time. They call it a different story line though since they add new weapons. Halo has an original story line for every game, yet they all make sense when put together, COD lacks that quality. Trust me when i say i love to play COD, just not for the story, more for the only play.

  • Halo is definitely better

    Halo is definitely better as every campaign level it has differs from every other level and the different game campaigns aren't the exact same campaign just with different and better graphics. If you have a look at cod campaigns it is seriously just the exact same campaign over and over where as Halo offers different campaigns that all differ from one another.

  • Overall Yes It Is

    Halo has done more for the genre than Call of Duty ever did. Halo's campaigns always have great story-lines and interesting characters where most of the time Call of Duty's campaign story is extremely dull with uninteresting characters. The Black Ops campaigns were the only campaigns that were interesting. Although Halo has had its low points like Halo 3: ODST(RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!) it has entertained a lot more than any of the Call of Duty games.

  • No comparison! Halo all the way!!!

    When I want to play a competitive online shooter I want a game that puts players face to face with one another in a test of pure strategy and ability. Everyone starts with the same weapon and shield and anything else u went to use is on the map to fight over. Anything later than halo 3 is whack. Call of duty has its own place. No need to change a game that's been so successful based upon its original formula because u want to appeal to a wider audience. Gimme a BR and a face to shoot!

  • Halo is better

    Personally i think anything not human on human is not only more interesting, but perhaps healthier for the youth to enjoy? Beyond that, in my personal opinion, Call of duty tries to create a more realistic experience with it's settings and weapons and such but it still comes off a bit silly and disingenuous. If you want something more on the right track in terms of authenticity i'd say modern warfare or splinter cell are better experiences when it comes to using real world teamwork, pacing and strategy.

  • Yes! Because of course!

    What is the point of a Y/N question? Who knows! But the answer is yes, so without further ado:

    "Is Halo better or Call of duty?"

    Yes. Yes, my friend. Yes. I am sure that whatever I am approving of is absolutely true without shadow of a doubt and furthermore would endorse it.

  • Halo is better then call of duty

    Honestly i like them both but halo have better campaigns then call of duty yet call of duty has some cool moments. Halo has better weapons and gear since you can wield the alien weapons. The characters are cool the graphics are good. I have a ps3 and there is no halo on sony. I know about halo cause i used to have a xbox with halo 2. And halo 2 was very tense and fun!

    So i guess halo is better than call of duty by at least 3%

  • Call Of Duty is better

    Cod existed long before halo. Its story is very thrilling, And has a various actions going on. Halo is just shoot, shoot, shoot. (may be driving space vehicles also. But in COD the missions are very much different from each other. And in Halo it is very frustrating when we can't find where to go next.

  • Cod is way!!!!! Better

    Halo is okay but it is very slow pased and is not as much fun and gets boring fast. Very unrealistic and reppetive. Cod is way better because it action packed. There is always something to change and look forward too. More realistic and better graphics. If you are thinking about buying one buy cod!!!


    The gameplay in call of duty multiplayer and campaign takes skill and warzone to the next level, whereas Halo has some boring maps and dull gameplay that will make you doze off in seconds. COD stays extreme and their storylines have lessons that actually make "SENSE". HALO, not so much exciting or even close to the next generation.

  • No it is not

    For starters, Call of Duty is a franchise that has been going on for a very long time, and their is a very good reasons for that. The way the game takes something very similar and branch it on in different games while still adding something new is a way that makes the game unique yet classic. The call of duty story line is very strong and some of the stories i found myself really relating too and waiting for the next game to see what happens to the characters in the next game. There is something about call of duty that halo just doesn't have.

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