• Halo is better

    All the games are connected in an overlapping arc while only two cod games are connected and the halo games had their own unique twist to the series of fps by making running impossible, Aiming hard, And vehicles that are on the average map while COD is run in and start shooting.

  • Halo Is Better!

    Halo is better than cod for the one main reason that it has way more content than COD. It is more detailed and intriguing. I've read and heard people say that "Halo isn't realistic at all" This is because it's not trying to be realistic Your a guy in a giant suit fighting aliens in space! But COD strives to be realistic but still isn't even close to it.

  • Cod sucks more than most shooters I've played

    Most cod players say they play could because its realistic but I say its less fun that way. When you play something realistic it doesn't leave any room for imagination and makes you feel board. And when you make a game based on real events it's quite lazy and uncreative. Thats why its so much more fun and immersive to play something crazy unrealistic and "outside the box". Thats my opinion on why Halo is way better than cod.

  • Halo rules, cod sux

    You get more map choices in Halo. There is an arctic base, a blood gulch, an alien ship, a desert temple, a giant tree house, a beachfront with a factory, an alien base in front of a huge waterfall, and a valley with alien fortresses. You play in a city, in a forest, and on a boat in cod. There are cooler weapons in Halo. You have an assault rifle, a magnum, your fist, an energy sword, an alien gun that drains energy, a gravity-defying hammer, a huge ass gun that fires a laser, and a rocket launcher, just to name my favorite. In cod, you don't get to drive a helicopter. You get to drive a giant robot, an alien ship, an alien tank, a floating alien vehicle that shoots rapidly, and an alien vehicle that flies and shoots rapidly while you have a green bomb to shoot at the enemies. You can even choose to play as an alien. So in all, I think Halo is sooooooooooooooooo much better than cod

  • Halo is my boy

    Better and cooler maps. Halo has a blood gulch, an arctic base, an alien ship, a sand temple and a valley with alien fortresses. Cod has a forest, a shipment, and a city. So Halo has better maps. Now bout the weapons, Halo has an assault rifle, magnum, a dang fist, 2 types of sticky grenades, an energy sword, a gravity-defying hammer, an alien pistol that drains energy, a plasma blaster, and a gun that fires LASERS. Cod has a pistol, grenades, a knife, and a normal gun. So Halo has better firepower. Halo has 3 movies, an anime series, and it has made it's way into other games. Overall, COD SUX. #HALO4LIFE

  • Lore, Originality, Character, Multiplayer, Story.

    -Halo has an actual story and lore,
    -Halo had ideas and assets stolen by COD.
    -Interesting characters with interesting backstories, designs of which have been also stolen by COD.
    -Kick-started online multiplayer basically by itself, having an interesting weapon and vehicle sandbox, with many maps, game-modes, etc.
    -In depth lore fleshed out in dozens of novels, comics, miniseries, etc, with many, many stories to tell and events to see unfold.

  • Halo is awesome

    Everyone always says that cod is better than halo. Well that is not true Halo has a better campaign than cod. Also it is just a horrible game, can I get an amen for this. It is the master of all games including cod. I love all you fans. Bye

  • Yes it is

    OK look i had 8 entire paragraphs but it would not Say Not submit so i have to redo it the story of halo is way better halo also requires more effort in halo you have a chance to fight back in cod if you turn a corner DEAD. All the enemies of halo are like chess pieces grunts are pawns but all enemies in cod are pawns anyways this was the short version of it

  • Halo for the win

    A lot of comments said halo is unrealistic but that does not matter. What matters is the story. Halo has amazing story unlike cod,cod however has a new story every game not sticking to the previous one. Cod also is mass producing them each year while halo takes at least 3 or 4. Cod also at its current state is also sci fi just like halo. Halos faction are a lot deadlier. The flood can wipe out cod in a matter of days just like the forerunners and the covenant evan the unsc because who ever has the better technology always win. The flood is much more deadlier than zombies no matter what if the flood and the zombies went toe to toe the flood will win.

  • COD stole from halo

    First off, the halo military is called UNSC and the infinite warfare military is called UNSA. Next they basically stole Jorge from halo, they stole the pelican, captain keys, Miranda keys, the rocket launcher, and even an emblem. All in all COD sucks so much that is has to steal directly from its competitor Halo. (Which is way better then COD)

  • Halo is not better than Call of Duty

    Halo is not better than Call of Duty. This is because of the fact that halo doesn't have as much immersion or realism as Call of Duty. Call of Duty also has much more replay value and better graphics than Halo. Call of Duty is also simply much more fun to play than Halo.

  • My honest opinion

    Halo is absolutely unrealistic compared to cod. Cod is more enjoyable it has an amazing campaign for all the cod games. The multiplayer system is amazing and so much fun and don't forget zombies or special ops with survival and missions and chaos there are so many modes even extinction and squads now face it halo might be fun as well however cod is overall better than halo. Infinity ward and treyarch have done a great job cod is also a bigger and hence franchise.

  • No it is not.

    Call of duty is better than Halo because Call of Duty is usually more realistic and based off actual events that has happened in history. In the newer call of duty games they are more like what ifs but still hold the realism that all of the other games have had.

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