• CoD vs Halo? Looks like CoD ran away. .

    Call of Dudy is all over the place, And, Halo has sold more games than Cod, And CoD has two new fucking games a year. Halo is going down a dark path, But CoD has already been on that path, Why do you think that 57. 35% of CoD players like Halo more? Halo is actually as realistic as CoD, And CoD actually has terrible balancing. In Halo, There's nowhere to camp. And EVERY weapon is weak against another weapon. Except like the BR, The basic weapon. Even then, It's only decent.

  • Halo is way better

    I already made an argument in a different debate so im not sure if i even want to argue but the story of halo is connected as an actual big story while cod is like mini war stories Halo 5 and WW2 are opposites this year halo 5 had a good multiplayer but a bad story but WW2 had a good story and bad multiplayer

  • Halo Better than Cod, Focus on Story

    Yes, the Halo franchise is better than the Call of Duty franchise for its focus on heroic storytelling, whereas the Call of Duty franchise has fallen more and more in to being only about the multiplayer. While the Halo franchise has superb multiplayer as well, its focus on a cohesive narrative in the single-player mode puts it streets ahead of the Call of Duty franchise.

  • No, Halo isn't better

    Both series are overrated, but Halo much more so. If you look back at Halo 3, for example, that was a legitimately bad game. Not "bad for a Halo game" or anything like that, as a video game it was objectively horrible and it still got praise from the masses because of the title. Call of Duty has had a lot more hits than misses and has more expansive multiplayer, plus the campaigns, while completely unfeasible are a lot more thought out and interesting.

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