• My opinion about halo and cod

    Although im very biased towards halo, I just feel like its better in general. It has a very vast franchise, With many many books, Movies, And games. It provides a very basic multiplayer, And doesn't have all those gimmicky controls like cod, Where running around the map and one shotting everybody is the main goal. I also think the campaign is much more organized, And on a direct story line. It also has a forge mode, Where players can create their own custom games, Or maps. Call of duty is fun, But for me, Halo is sentimental.

  • Halo is awesome

    Halo has better enemies and a more captivating story and not to mention the hours of potential replay ability and to top it off it has a much better sound track and more dynamic characters then COD. All COD has is zombies or just a shitty campaign with no actual captivating characters.

  • Call of Duty

    Okay, I have played every Halo game for the Xbox and I think that CoD is better. There's a whole lot more gameplay and just games in general. Whether it be creeping silently through hallways of an abandoned hospital or an all out assault on an open field. CoD also has more weapons and weapon combos. Can you add a 12. Gauge deputy to your assault rifle in Halo? No. Granted, I have only ever played Call of Duty WWII and CoD Warzone so my opinion may not matter much.

  • I just find Halo boring. . .

    THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO ONLY PLAYED HALO COMBAT EVOLVED AND HALO 4, But I just found Halo really boring after about 30 minutes of each campaign mission. It feels like the same thing over and over, And the thing is I even played with a friend in order to try and make things not boring, But I was still bored. Call of Duty, Even if it can screw you in different ways every day, Is usually only boring if you constantly get beat all the time, Whether that is in k/d or in w/l.

  • Master Chief is overrated

    Who would win a little short alien with a gun or an augmented super soldier?
    How can advance alien races lose to those knockoff 40k space marines? That is right Master Chief is a rip off he is not original

    COD Campaign is hit or miss. Black ops 1 was one of the best stories. I also liked ghosts, And it tries to come up with new ideas. It tries to imagine what the future of warfare will be. Not some floating blue lady to appeal to teenage boys. Multiplayer is always good and zombies is a bonus game. I liked that JFK and Castro are fighting zombies in the pentagon. I also liked aliens in another COD installment.
    Maybe you are just not good enough and need it to be easy like Halo that holds your hands and can even be played by children.

    Halo is for children and for men who like to just exploit broken weapons.
    Master Chief is becoming the chuck Norris who can do anything and beat anyone. I am surprised that they have not had him walking on water as one of the many feats he did like surviving a drop from space.
    Doom slayer and a whole plethora of other character can beat him anytime of the day.

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