• D a m n i t b o b b y

    Hank Hill is a magical beast whos war cries are completely breathtaking. The way he yells at his idiotic child Bobby is simply stunning, And makes me fall in love with him everytime. I've been driving around the country to find this Hank shown in the televised series, King of the Hill, But I have yet to find him. I believe I am coming close though, As there is a store down the street with propane (don't tell the authories, But I have been watching him for 34 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes, And 45, 46-- seconds. Shshhhhhsh)

  • Gosh darn diggity yes

    Hank hill is fucking hot
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  • No one is more man than the legend himself.

    If you don’t think that Hank Hill is the most manly being ever, Then you are most likely Homosexual, Retarded, Or simply a beta male. All beings of the male sex should look at Hank Hill as someone to live up too, And someone who will forever sit as biggest man in all of history.

  • No I laugh that you consider him a man.

    Let see. He cannot parent bobby, And works at a simple job. He was a late bloomer and needed testosterone to be at normal levels. His own dad does not respect him.
    No thank you. I grill my meat with wood and I can father better children than bobby. And my woman is way better than peggy.

  • The real men are

    Why is it even important to be a man any more? Hank is a decent person from what i see of him, But he isn't overly aggressive, He isn't violent he is kind to his wife and kid, Not really very alpha manly but a kind soul, Much better than a manly one

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