• She most definitely is.

    I havent experienced anything that even remotely resembles the feminist paradise that rosin says that i as a woman should be living in. Furthermore, she makes sweeping (and unsubstantiated) generalizations about "cardboard men" and "plastic women". "plastic" used to mean "fake" when i was growing up; and rosin certainly is.

    She also lies with statistics by sampling cities that have attracted wealthy young college educated white women OT1H, while also attracting low-paid immigrant men OTOH. Her feminist utopia immedately evapourates once this is taken into account.

    Personally, i dont see what other point there could be to publishing such an obvious falsehood other than bigotry, and ppl that do so are by definition bigots.

  • She's a bigot by accident, I think.

    Hannah Rosin's writing can be thoughtful, honest, and interesting some of the time, but she suffers from the same flaws we see in many of the long form journalists from the 80s, 90s, and up to the present. She is addicted to a kind of manipulative careerism, and to embracing a narrow minded agenda which serves her ambitions. This is why we get "The End of Men", with all its lazy generalizations, provocative title, thinly disguised contempt, passive bigotry, and mediocrity. It's easy to see why people like her old colleague Stephen Glass was able to flourish in that environment for a while, and why journalists like her have failed us so badly over the years, until they really can't be trusted at all for any real understanding or thoughtful insights. Like too many journalists to name, I suspect she became a bigot over time in order to serve her own interests. It's a shame.

  • I say the answer is a definite "yes"!

    Rosen's horribly-titled book "The End of Men" sounds a lot like a call for male genocide. You can't have gender equality if you believe that half of the human race is worthless. And opposition to gender equality is definitely a sign of bigotry. Thus Rosin has failed to show that she supports equality for both men and women.

  • Yes, she hates men.

    Yes, Hanna Rosin is a bigot, because she openly dislikes men based on arbitrary characteristics. Hanna Rosin thinks that all men are bad. This is very unfair, because it's not based on characteristics that men can help. Some men are bad, but so are some women. She judges people based on their sex, and that is bigoted.

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