• Obviously it is.

    I am not talking about some constitution - I am talking about humans universally withholding the right to be happy on an individual level. The question does not for an answer that specifically pertains to one country or another - it is an overall picture. And in this broader context, I am inclined to believe that it is in fact a basic human right -- or rather, it should be, that all humans are able to happy.

    No one should have the right to tell someone else, "you can't be happy because factors x, y, and z in my belief system" and then prevent that person from being happy. There is not an objective purpose in life and not everyone is made happy the same ways, society as a whole must be considerate of every human. If people live in happiness they will contribute to the society that made them feel that way. Making people feel miserable because it preserves your interests is a counter-intuitive thing to do; it is going to be destructive, not beneficial.

  • Yes it is.

    We hold these truths to be self evident that all people are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursiit of happiness. -The Founding Fathers And Mothers Phuck this minimum word thing. I should not have to write an entire phucking essay.

  • Yes, it is.

    Happiness comes naturally to a person every time he feels something that satisfies his interests or he experiences something that is positive. One does not force himself to be happy when in fact he really isn't (well that is unless he is not in the mode of acting). Happiness is inevitable to every individual which makes it everyone's right.

  • We Should Be Happy

    First what is a right. It is something that one is born to. Happiness is kindly and being sad and angry always is unhealthy and not rightwise. Happiness is healthy and is a right. In the DOI, it even says that happiness is a right that cannot be numb away. So be glad and know that it is all right.

  • Yes, it simply is.

    Happiness comes naturally to a person every time he feels something that satisfies his expectations or he just experienced something positive. One does not force himself to be happy when in fact he really isn't (well that is unless he's not on the mode of acting). Being truly happy is inevitable to every individual which makes it everyone's right.

  • I believe that people have the right to pursue happiness, but not just to be happy.

    As stated in the U.S. Constitution, you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now, I understand that this is not just about the U.S. However, there is no reason that this argument does not apply elsewhere, as the values are valid everywhere. Together they explain my position. You have the right to pursue what makes you happy and the liberty to do so without interference of others. However, you also have the right to do nothing and make yourself miserable, and in that case it is not the responsibility of others to try to make you happy. To sum up my view, you have the right to make yourself happy, you have the right to not make yourself happy, and no one has a responsibility to make you happy if you don't.

  • The pursuit of it, not it itself

    What if your life is so horrible that, despite having the right to happiness, you don't have happiness?
    Dun dun dun.
    Also, *red flag word* *red flag word* *dead baby comedy* *perfectly healthy sex jokes* *bloody hell, what is this doing here?* *apparently, there's a bit of a minimum word thing, so there*

  • Not when your happiness comes at the expense of others.

    That would be unfair. I think of life as a game. It is a competition. And with every competition you need rules to make it a fair competition. We all have certain common desires. We have a desire to not suffer for instance so it would be wrong to make someone else suffer for your gain if they hadnt made you suffer first or at least tried to. That wouldnt be fair which is why its wrong. You would be taking an advantage that we cannot all take in the competition we call life so that would be unfair. Our happiness all to often comes at the cost of others. Look at the slave days and what we do to animals. That is not fair so it is wrong. It isnt fair to say white men can own black men but black men cant own white men. I dont even think we have the right to punish people as there is no way of knowing what any crime deserves and the people writing the laws are more cruel and unfair than the criminals they target. They will throw in jail for pot which doesnt hurt anyone but the smoker himself or herself while if you havent hurt anyone you dont deserve to be hurt. They say they are saving us from ourselves like with the seat belt law. Well thanks for saving us from ourselves by throwing us into a prison where we will get raped and tortured by the real criminals you arrest. Its insane. For too long the leaders of the world have perpetuated the moral incompetency of the majority. I do think some happiness is a right but the root of all evil is our desires. Satisfying those desires is what often causes evil so our efforts to obtain happiness hurt others. We buy and sell animals as pets. We bring life into the cruel and unfair world making us cruel and unfair which you wouldnt understand most likely unless you have been truely miserable. We use our desires to come up with our moralities which not everyone shares so we fight or punish people because they have different desires than we do which is unfair and hypocritical therefore wrong. Unless they are hurting you or someone else by satisfying those desires its none of your business. You have desires just like them so if their harmless desires shouldnt be satisfied then why should yours? We are much like children fighting over toys or something with no idea what is right and wrong or fair. If someone found it before you did it is theirs. But anyways i guess my question is yes and no. Happiness is a right when it comes at no cost to those around you. You cant make someone miserable for your happiness unless they tried to do the same to you or did. Turn about is FAIR play.

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