• Yes, they are connected.

    While money itself may not lead to happiness, having enough money to keep yourself out of debt with plenty left over takes a lot of the stress out of life. When someone no longer has to worry about money, he is better able to focus on the things that make him happy, such as hobbies, friends and family.

  • No, one can be happy without financial well-being.

    No, financial well-being does not necessarily bring happiness. Mother Theresa, who took a vow of poverty in joining her sect, found happiness in caring for others. Many with a great deal of wealth may not find happiness. Some find wealth only leads to the desire for more, and can never be satisfied.

  • Happiness is not based on financial well-being.

    Though being financially secure can contribute to a feeling of security and happiness, happiness is not based on money alone. Happiness is a choice, and anyone, no matter their personal, family or social circumstances, can choose to live with an attitude of happiness. Many people who have more money than they know what to do with are living very unhappy lives. Family, love and self-worth are much better indicators of happiness than financial well-being.

  • Financial-well being helps to a certain point, but does not cause happiness.

    True happiness is based on having loving friends and family and finding enjoyment in daily life. Financial well-being helps to a certain point. Basic needs must be met for a person to be happy, but happiness can not be measured by how much money or personal possessions a person has.

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