Is happiness proportional to one's bank balance?

Asked by: Neelabh
  • Be sure of it

    Precisely, how many of us would not be happy if somebody gifts us a ferrari or just presents us a million dollar cheque.
    Secondly,can we not buy happiness.The answer is yes we can.Ask yourself when it comes to going to a good school or eating good food will we be satisfied with only minimal amount of food or bad quality education.
    Your answer will (I guess) support my stand.

  • Without a doubt

    Mark Cuban said it perfectly. He tweeted that contrary to popular belief there is nothing bad about being rich. Happiness is internal etc I get that jargon. But the simple fact is we all have a baseline of happiness. We also all have material wants and desires. While these desires may differ between people having the ability to have these makes you happy. If you claim to have no worldly wants or desires what so ever then having a sufficient amount of money allows you to impact other people's lives in a greater way. If I gain supreme pleasure and happiness in helping others the more money I have the higher my ability to do this. Money is simply currency. A means to a specific ends. No matter what your end game is money will help facilitate that.

  • But with conditions.

    According to recent research by Princeton University, money does buy happiness....But only up to an income of $75,000 a year.
    The lower an American's annual income falls below this mark, the more unhappy he or she reports feeling. However, over the 75k mark there is no measurable increase in the level of satisfaction a person has with his or her life.
    While it was not the income specifically that caused unhappiness, those below the 75k mark were more likely to be stressed or bogged down by concerns about day to day financial security. People at or above the mark generally, even if not wealthy, have enough money to do things that relax them or make them feel good, like going out to dinner with friends or on a vacation.

  • Happiness is not proportional to one's bank balance.

    A lot of rich people are not happy even though they have a lot of money. In the same way, a lot of poor people are very happy even though they do not have very much money. Happiness is based upon a complex number of qualities, like personal relationships and family.

  • What makes us happy is unique to each individual.

    Just as some people don't like peas but like beans, some people wouldn't be happy with a large bank account, but with a family of their own no matter how they work. Or perhaps with friends, or great adventures/experiences. You really don't need that much money to do these things, only the willingness to challenge yourself to do what truly makes you happy (road trips while living in a car and working odd jobs would allow you to travel the world). < Sounds like fun to me.

  • Not in entirety

    While I do believe that if you had money, you have a higher chance of being happy based on food security and not having to worry about the woes of poverty or low-income status, I would not say that happiness is proportional entirely. Many rich folks have a history of suicide, depression and pain...Many low-income individuals have a history of being happy! It really depends on how you handle it all and who you keep around among other things.

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