• Yes, he is

    Harambe is like god . He still lives among us , bringing a message of hope and peace , through his memes , and it's beloved expression, looking serious , as he looks calm . Hoping one day, he will come back to save us from the orange monster .

  • Harambe is the Savior

    Harambe is everywhere. He is the next coming of Jesus. He will be resureced on the 3 day yyyyy yyyyy yy yy yyy yyy yyy yyy yy yyy yy yyy yy yyy yyy yyy yyy yyyy yyyy yyy yyyy yyyy yyy just like Jesus was and he will save us all

  • Yes yea yup

    They never showed his body in the news, photos or other media other than the video clip... So harambe Might be alive in a private zoo for famous animals and popular animals. (Also the zoo will not release other info other than the video clips. So yes, HARAMBE IS ALIVE, BUT WE NEVER SEE HIM ANYMORE

  • Bullet in his head harambe isnt really dead?

    Harambe has a bullet in his own head im pretty sure that makes hi me very dead dea dead.
    R.I.P. Harambe
    r.I.P. Harambe
    r.I.P. Harambe
    love your apes you unfaithfull zookeepers
    the child was just taken for a little swim
    i like swimming do you like swimming because harambe died because of a non swimmer

  • Nah fam he ded

    Fam he be ded get over it bruh, his body washed up on the coast of Antarctica where the penguins ate his toes but because he is a god no mortal being could possibly handle that kind of raw and magnificent power, not even the BLM. The penguins then sprouted arms and feet likened unto a gorilla and they worshiped him to the point where they organized themselves to revolt against the Cincinnati zoo. There was soo much blood, so much blood. I barely made it out of there before they started to drop mutated rat cats on their heads to prevent the spread of the new religion, Harba-niese. So in essence harambe is dead get over it fam

  • Is he died?

    Oh noes :( Poor Harambe. Now he can't play with the children.
    All he wanted was to play...
    Oh noes :( Poor Harambe. Now he can't play with the children.
    He might still be alive today, but he got shotted to death.
    Oh noes :( Poor Harambe. Now he can't play with the children.

  • No he is not

    Harambe is definitely alive, just not secretly alive. We all saw when they detained him and secured him in a maximum security prison. But then Obama used hypnosis on the whole world and made it so we forgot. It's really just up to your definition of "secret". Also, they recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, "War of the Planet of the Apes". In the teaser if you zoom in on the background, you can clearly see Harambe holding a spear and fighting in the war for this planet. So no. He is not "secretly" alive.

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