Is hardware still a consideration among computer enthusiasts?

  • All Components Considered

    Whether speaking of a tablet, laptop, or desktop enthusiast
    (or computer enthusiast in general regardless of form), hardware is still as
    much a consideration as software. Computers are machines that take in, process,
    and display information and are composed of hardware and software; hardware can
    include the tower, monitor, peripheral devices (the keyboard, mouse, speakers),
    and even newer gadgets like cameras and microphones. While desktops have the
    keyboard and mouse built in alongside the monitor and keyboard, enthusiasts
    still consider the quality of sound cards, output of the processor, and quality
    of the visual card as well as the size, shape and weight. The same is true of
    the tablet computers and desktop computers especially. Hardware, in fact, might
    be more of a consideration to computer enthusiasts now than ever before with so
    many options in micro-technology for better sound and picture or a more vast
    memory system that works at lightning speed. While software is an enticement,
    the real enthusiast looks at the bigger picture, the components of the computer

  • Yes hardware is still a major consideration for computer enthusiasts.

    No matter if the question is case design and cooling or processor core speed; hardware is still a prime consideration among computer enthusiasts. In order to get maximum performance and from their hand built and custom built computers true enthusiasts tweek every bit of hardware in the box until the box is humming to perfection.

  • It is half of it.

    Yes, hardware is still a consideration among computer enthusiasts, because it does not matter how good the software is if the hardware is not any good. The hardware is the base and determines what the computer will be able to do. Computer enthusiasts appreciate how important hardware continues to be.

  • There Are Options

    I believe hardware is still a consideration among computer enthusiasts. One only need look to the gap between PC users and Apple users, it's still there even though the commercials died a long time ago. Hardware will always be important and it will always have advancements, we've only scratched the surface of what we can imagine.

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