Is hardware (yes) or software (no) more important in modeling the brain?

  • Hardware is dominant.

    Yes, hardware is more important modeling in the brain, because it is so important to the way that we act. Hardware dominates the way that we think and the way that we react. There are some things that can be done to temperate the ways that we are naturally, but for the most part, nature takes over and controls our behavior.

  • Software and Hardware

    When it comes to the modeling of our brain both factors need to be considered. We need to be hardware and softwared up properly to function at all. Even the slightest thing wrong with our brain causes so many different problems for us that it is safe to say both are needed.

  • It's what goes in

    Nobody maximizes the potential of their brain, so it itself isn't as important as what's put into it. It doesn't develop on its own, what enriches a person and raises their intelligence is their understanding of things and being introduced to various concepts. The software is more important than the original structure.

  • Software is more important in modeling the human brain

    Software is more important in modeling the human brain. Hardware and software are both equally important in the situation but you have to be able to have the software and the programming correct in order for the hardware to be able to function correctly. The hardware can be produced after the program is written and knowledge of how it needs to be used identified.

  • Thoughts Literally Create More Neurons

    The more humans think about certain topics, the more neurons are literally created in the brain. This is how a fixation or obsession physically happens in the brain--the more neurons that go towards the fixation, the more and more dependent the brain becomes on that obsession. How humans think about certain things helps create more hardware in the brain, so software and how we use our normal brains is more important than altering the hardwires in our cranium.

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