• Harry Potter is better than Twilight

    First, the Harry Potter series is better written with foreshadowing and complex plots. Also, there are no plot holes. Second, the Harry Potter series is more financially successful. In the box office, the Harry Potter movies have brought in eight billion while Twilight has only brought in two billion. Third, the Harry Potter characters are well-written, complex characters and many of them are good role models. And Harry Potter has a theme park!

  • Does Harry Know How To Use A Wand? YES!

    These Harry Potter books were a new world for children to grow up in and grow with. The kids in the books were struggling with good and evil, friendships, loss, and everything else. Twilight is just a story about a girl who is in love with a wolf and a vampire. It is poorly written (compared to Harry Potter Series) and has no substance. There is no great struggle other than Wolves and Vampires hate each other and a girl who can't decide between them. Give me Harry Potter and not Twilight!

  • Yes, by a long shot

    Harry Potter gave children a world to get lost in and characters to fall in love with. Twilight shows a dependent, not at all healthy relationship between a young girl and her vampire boyfriend and little more. Harry Potter was also much better written and the female lead in the series wasn't a girl who had to rely on the boys to save her. Rather, she was the intelligent one and just as important as the character the series was named for.

  • Harry Potter Is Better

    Harry Potter is much better than Twilight. The books were more popular and the movies were better. Harry Potter movies also did much better at the box office than Twilight did. Twilight is good but I do not think that it is in Harry Potter's league. Harry Potter is definitely better.

  • Harry Potter is better than twilight

    Firstly, Harry Potter's most successful film made 90 million dollars more than twilight's. Jk Rowling made a better love story in 1 chapter than Stephanie Meyer made in 4 books. Our bells could whoop your bellas ass, And our characters feel things, And we feel with them. In twilight, Bella doesn't smile, And twilight also sends a message about teen pregnancy.

  • Character Relationships And Interactions

    Okay, In Harry Potter there isn’t just a “sparkling” boyfriend to do all your work for you. Everyone has a part to play and they contribute and do just that. Like the hunt for Horcruxes, Harry went to find them WITH Ron and Hermione. And this shows that they work as a team, Not everything is all just “Harry”, Even if he IS “the chosen one”.

    And they’re realistic. In a war, There’s always gonna be casualties on both sides. Even if you love the characters to death (Fred! Remus! Tonks! Dobby! Hedwig! Snape! )

    Having mentioned Snape, Let’s proceed there. He’s the “grey” guy, Not all Bellatrix evil, But not all Lupin good. In Twilight, Is there a “grey” guy? Nooooooooooo. There’s just the “sparkling” boyfriend, With Bella hiding behind him against the evil. Really? Could you GET any more unrealistic? To further extend on my point, In Gone With The Wind, An undisputed classic, Scarlett could just as easily have evil intentions just as well as good. She’s a “grey” character.

    Next, To all you people who think your poncy Bella is great, Let me tell you something. SHE’S NOT GREAT! She’s a bloody coward who doesn’t face up to her problems, Choosing to just let her boyfriend do all the work. Guys, We’re in the twenty-first century here, Women have equal rights as men, And have more than shown that we are just as capable, If not, Even more than men. Take Ginny for example. When Harry broke up with her, Did she spiral into depression and eventually commit suicide? No. She was upset, Yeah, But she pulled herself back up, Tried to steal The Sword Of Gryffindor, Helped restart the D. A. , And fought bravely in the Battle of Hogwarts. And in the end, She got her happy ending, With a family of her own. Which I say she deserved, 100%.

  • Harry Potter Has A Lot Of Good Points

    Like for example, Parents who struggle with parenting can relate to Molly and Arthur Weasley. Those with siblings overshadowing them can relate to Ron. People who are judged based on their parentage or race or religion can relate to Hermione (cos she’s a muggle-born). Those with no parents and face a lot of pressure living up to who they’re supposed to be relate to Harry. People who hide a dark secret and are afraid of being prejudiced against for it relate to Remus. . Those who are prejudiced against for doing something they didn’t do at all can relate to Sirius. People who made an evil mistake in the past and are maybe slightly haunted by it relate to Ginny. Them, Last but not least, Those people who have people who shun/hate them for just being yourself can relate to Luna.

    Next, When Harry broke up with Ginny, Did she sink into an abyss of misery and attempt suicide? No. She helped start the D. A. Back up, Stood up for fellow students who were wrongly punished and went on with her life, Fighting alongside her beloved in an epic showdown between good and evil.

    In Harry Potter, They also deal with real-life issues like corruption, The fact that not everyone is equally well-off, (Hello, We’re not Communist here) and since they’re in a boarding school after all, Dealing with all the raw emotions within these teenagers.

    Although most of it is set in a boarding school (Hogwarts), They still draw that parallel between inside the school and the outside world and all the dangers that lurk there. In Twilight, Everything is set around Edward being a vampire and all that. But do they face the fact that there are real dangers lurking out there, Like people who are willing to kill you anytime, The double-agents risking their lives in the field, The fighters against evil, The supreme evil, The supreme evil’s followers, The “grey” people.

    In life, From what I’ve learnt, There is never good or bad, There’s a dark side in each of us. Like you see, There’s people like Dumbledore or Snape. They’re not strictly good or bad. They’ve made errors, Like any person. They’ve done good deeds, Also like any person.

    And lastly, Take it from my life experience, I may be just a kid, But I was adopted as a kid, Okay? And I’ve seen death with my own eyes. I’m not perfect, Trust me. I have problems, I struggle with just simply getting up every morning to go to school.
    I’m not completely good or evil. That’s what Twilight’s implying, That everyone is either good or evil. No, That’s 100% untrue. Every single day, Because I know I have a dark side, I worry that one day, I’ll take the wrong path and kill someone. I have a good side too. I help people when they’re in need. But that doesn’t mean I’m a good person. I’m also not a bad person. Everyone’s grey, Believe me.

  • Harry Potter is better!

    Harry Potter has great plots in each book that keep you hanging on every word. The characters are so real and relatable that you feel like you are part of the story. The Harry Potter books are rich and interesting, whereas the Twilight books are all fleshed out from a single dream.

  • Harry Potter is better!

    Harry Potter has great plots in each book that keep you hanging on every word. The characters are so real and relatable that you feel like you are part of the story. The Harry Potter books are rich and interesting, whereas the Twilight books are all fleshed out from a single dream.

  • It definitely is

    Let's focus on lessons in the books. Harry Potter teaches readers to be themselves, know when to stand up for what's right, be strong and brave and many other useful life lessons. Twilight teaches readers that they are nothing without a boyfriend. That's not a good lesson for young readers.

  • No, It Is Not

    There really is no reasonable measure to say that one franchise is better than the other. Harry Potter and the Twilight series both have their respective pros and cons. I cannot conclusively argue that one side is better than the other. I may prefer Harry Potter, but I believe that the Twilight series is more financially successful.

  • TWILIGHT is the BEST!

    Twilight is by far more better than the Harry Potter series due to many reasons. To be honest, I've only read the Twilight books not the Harry Potters one so my opinion will be based on the movies. Harry Potter seemed so predictable and obvious the bad person in the movie was always the same professor. It seemed like the story was told over and over again. Yes it does have a nice ending to it but ugh I got annoyed after awhile. And as for Twilight the story even though we all knew she would end up with Edward it kept the story interesting. Their love made war come upon but nothing could divide them, and I think that exactly why its better. But this is just my opinion, I would write more but ehh.....

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