Is Harry Potter Better then Lord Of The Rings

Asked by: MJA1018
  • I am for harry potter

    I agree with MJA1018 because Harry Potter is a far more superior to lord of the rings the story lines of the 8 films of Harry Potter series and the Lord Of The Rings series is boring and not as si-fi as I thought it would be as Harry Potter as a lot more action and adventure within the si fi.
    Also Harry Potter has an attraction in many countries and Lord Of The Rings hasn't. The books are more intense and I can truly have an image myself in the world of Harry Potter.

  • Harry Potter wins

    I prefer Harry Potter I just feel like it has a better storyline and I like the whole wizard aspect of it. I also feel like JKR was more descriptive in her writing which kind of makes me feel closer to the character. But thats just me. Whatever floats your boat! :)

  • Some people like Harry Potter and some like Lord Of The Rings and some hate one or both of them. I prefer Harry Potter.

    Harry Potter feels like it has more detail, magic, and I like wizards and fantasy then more like war and a little ( average ) fantasy. There's also more movies in Harry Potter then Lord Of The Rings witch Is a way to have more detail in a movies ( Harry Potter has 7 movies but the 7 movie is part 1 and 2. Lord Of The Rings has 3 but the hobbit also has 3.) .


  • Harry Potter is Better!

    Yes I know they didn’t win any Oscars but Harry Potter did make more money than Lord of the Rings if you look it up. And Harry Potter is for all ages while Lord of the Rings is for mainly young adults and older. I remember watching Lord of the Rings as a kid and I didn’t understand any of it, And I watched Harry Potter that same year and I understood a lot more. And the friendship between Harry Potter is reality. Yes we do have drama in life, Like in Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings doesn’t have that kind of reality. We know that Harry Potter is all about magic and all but if you actually think about it, Harry Potter is more of a reality than Lord of the Rings. There is no Orcs and Balrogs and Dwarves and Hobbits. Therefore Harry Potter is better.

  • Harry Potter Rocks!

    Don't get me wrong, I like Lord of the Rings too. It is a definite classic, and anyone who says otherwise is kinda stupid. But Harry Potter is better.

    The plot in HP is so much more interesting than that of LOTR. It is true that LOTR has a lot more depth with the different types of creatures, their languages and so on. But the overall mood of the LOTR is kinda dull. Throughout the three movies, the plot is dark, sinister, serious, and rarely has any happy, joyful moments mixed in to balance out the fear. HP does that beautifully! And calebb27, from the No's, is correct when he says that there is only one major battle in HP while LOTR has several. But that's the problem right there. There are too many battle, too much drama and pre-battle monologues.

    In HP, the plot is much more complex than "just Harry himself", as calebb27 put it. There are many subplots and thinker moments that keep you interested. Snape playing the role of Death Eater for Voldemort, and all the while remaining loyal to Dumbledore and the good cause all through the love of Lily Potter. Lily's sacrifice which saved Harry himself. The transfer of ownership of the Elder Wand which eventually allowed Harry to destroy Voldemort. And throughout the whole series, with the doom of the good building with the rise of the Dark Lord, the movies still portray the life of three teenagers, three friends, doing normal things in the face of evil, such as relationships, crushes, the Yule Ball, and more. For these reasons, Harry Potter is better than Lord of the Rings.

    Posted by: SamC
  • Are you kidding?

    Lord of the Rings has achieved more in three movies than Harry Potter ever did in 8. I love Harry Potter! It's a terrific movie series, but Lord of the Rings knocks it out of the park. Lord of the Rings has better story telling, better characters, and better action/effects than any of the Harry Potter movies. There's so much more going on in Lord of the Rings without it being a giant mess. It offered more and transported us into a huge fantasy world of wonders. Harry Potter does good at that too, but it stays in one location throughout the majority of the whole 8 movies, making it not as memorable. Not to mention Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDb all agree that Lord of the Rings is the superior.

  • Lord of the Rings is simply better designed

    Don't get me wrong, I love both series. Both JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien put a lot of thought and time into their worlds. However, Tolkien wins on this one. Middle Earth was created around the Elvish language, which Tolkien created. Elvish is a speak-able language, with the grammar, writing and sounds of any other language.
    Tolkien proceeded to create an entire history of Middle-Earth, as anyone who has read The Silmarillion can tell you. This history gets referenced over and over in The Lord of the Rings, providing a rich historical and cultural background to what occurs in the Lord of the Rings. Rowling created a rough idea of magical history, but definitely not to the depth that Tolkien took it.

  • This Is Hard

    As much as I love Harry Potter, it is not the Lord of the Rings. It is better than the Hobbit, but not as absolutely classic as Lord of the Rings.

    Lord of the Rings, along with The Chronicles of Narnia, really created the fantasy genre that we know and love today. Without it, Harry Potter may or may not exist.

    So, as much as I love HP, LOTR wins.

  • LOTR is bigger.

    Lord of the Rings has a much larger lore than Harry Potter. LOTR has many languages and Dialects and many more races and creatures. A lot of which are actually unique and not "taken" from other sources. And even those which share the same name such as Goblins are actually portrayed in a different way.

    We also may look at the movies and the fact of the matter is that Lord of the Rings has much more action. And ones that always last. I can only watch the battle in the ministry of magic so many times. But the battle of Helms Deep is so epic that i can always watch it. Now whilst HP was the battle of Hogwarts, that is the only GOOD battle they have. And even LOTR can dwarf that battle with its many others.

    In addition the story has many more layers. Whilst Frodo and Sam are trying to get to Mount Doom, Gandalf and Pipin are trying to warn the leader of Gondor to ask for help. There are always many things going on that could make their quest fail. However HP only followed Harry and Harry himself. Yes occasionally it would skip to Voldemort but unlike LOTR it has not much depth.

    In the end they are both great movies I personally grew up with HP and love it but i still love LOTR the same. But in technical terms LOTR wins.

  • LOTR created a rebirth of Fantasy

    The fact is, even though The Lord of the Rings was created a half-century ago, it still has phenomenal effects on literature and has a dedicated fan base.

    LOTR was a brilliant collection of experiences from World War 1, old Saxon and Norse mythology, and imagination. It inspired not only many other similar books but D&D and many RPGs and board games, as well as movies. It's Return of The KIng movie won 11 times, more than any other fantasy movie and tied with the most of all time.

    It can also be debated that LOTR has one of the most expansive universes of any made up world, with whole languages and cultures being developed. His writing is full of description and imagination, far more than Harry Potter.

    Many say that Harry Potter is the best series of novels of all time because it is the bets selling series. You know what else used to be a best selling series recently? Diary of the Wimpy Kid. The main measure is its impact on society AND its popularity AND the author's brilliance. LOTR wins

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