• It's a Kid's Series!

    I was raised in a Christian household and my mom let me read Harry Potter because she saw it as harmless. People in school raised a fuss because they just wanted something to freak out about. Harry Potter is a book series that is meant to entertain people and that is what it did. There are no mentions of the devil and no devil worshiping. Get over it!

  • Voldermort is seen as master

    Vodermort is evil and kills people like Cedric Diggory , in a maze a bit like hell. Voldermort is EVIL and yeah it is more the image of evil and satan than it being all literal demons ... I think satanic is meant more metaphorically because Voldermort has to fight against Satan which is why his surviving voldermort is so amazing!

  • Harry Potter movies are not satanic.

    Harry Potter movies are idealistic, a bit romantic (they have a feel-good quality to them), and are very fictitious. But Harry Potter movies are Not satanic.

    I consider Harry Potter movies good, clean fun - except for those tumultuous Weasley brothers. They definitely LOVE trouble! They might be a bad influence; definitely not satanic though!

    Who doesn't like rebel from time to time?

  • Harry Potter is not Satanic

    Many people seem to believe that Harry Potter is a satanic book series. I simply do not see why. If one were to look it up and read the arguments for why Harry Potter is satanic and full of demons it is clear that the people who wrote about it had not even read the book. Many quotes were taken out of context and there were false claims that J.K Rowling herself is a witch, when in reality she is christian. IN fact, the min underlying power of the books is love, which I believe to be the opposite of satanic evils. Harry Potter is simply a wonderful imaginative book full of good morals, engrossing characters and an amazing story!

  • Harry potter isnt satanic

    Harry is just a ordinary wizard who is trying rid the world of Voldemort , in the end Voldemort dies and every thing is all right . J k Rowling isn't a witch , she is a Christian . She takes bible stories and interprets them into a film .

  • No its not

    The word "Potter" itself is the root for the Pagan God. The idea of being satanic is ridiculous, if this logic is accurate then anything could be satanic. Harry Potter shows the accomplishments of a young boy who just happens to have powers. He relates to many people and just because its different people think it is satanic, it has no real standing.

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