• Two state resolution is inevitable

    Eventually there will be two states as there are at least two very different views as to how the region should operate. Coming to an agreement sooner than later is obviously better for all involved but I am afraid it now comes down to political postioning to get the best deal at the table.

  • It is a possibility

    I don't think that the two state solution will necessarily happen, but it is a possibility. There are several world leaders who think that a two state solution is a viable option to help our the region. I think that it is a realistic solution, but that doesn't mean it will happen.

  • Two-State Solution works For Israel/Palestine

    I believe that if you want to solve all the world's problems throw bloggers together in one room until we have world peace. Let the politicians do that they do best, vacation. Once again I am proved correct in my theory with British blogger Harry's Place. The idea proposed I would get into this proposal but it is not very simple. Go read up on it if you are already not familiar.

  • Can't find any info

    Tried looking this up, to see what it is all about, but did not see anything worth while. Most two state solutions seem to have problems. People keep trying them, but one side always seems to be jealous of the other side. The other side gets angry and economically punishes their neighbor.

  • No, Harry's Place support of a two-state solution realistic.

    I do not believe that Harry's Place support of a two-state solution to be realistic. I think that the ideas and principles in regards to the ideology would not work. I do think that there is nothing wrong with it, but I just don't think it has a chance of working.

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