Is Harvey Milk remembered as a martyr (yes) or an activist (no) ?

  • Harvey Milk Murdered for His Beliefs

    Harvey Milk was a man ahead of his time who was murdered for his beliefs. Milk's death was horrible and could have dealt a huge blow to rights of homosexuals in the United States. Instead, his martyrdom served as a rallying cry against hate in San Francisco and all over the America. He was an activist, yes. But Milk will be remembered for his death more often then for his administration.

  • I'll be completely honest that I's never heard of this guy before but from what I gather I personally don't see him as a martyr.

    First off it seems he was a hero to many but I don't personally see him as such. As for being a martyr I hear he was killed in a political skirmish in Wyoming which doesn't seem like much of a martyrdom to me but I may be wrong. I generally picture martyrdom as someone being beheaded, shot, or hung for their beliefs. God bless.

  • His death was reported in Wyoming as that of an activist who was shot in a political argument.

    A quick check of wikipedia indicates that his death itself was as reported, a local political argument gone bad. To be a martyr he would have had to have been targeted specifically as a leader of a group because of his beliefs. As I read it, his specific political action caused him to be targeted. This comes close to being one of those situations where its a recession if your neighbor is out of work and a depression if you are out of work.

  • At least nationally

    On the national scale, Harvey Milk is remembered as a gay rights activist, rather than a martyr. While Milk was killed in office at the height of his career, he was killed because of his political victories more than his orientation (though obviously it played in to account) by an unstable rival.

  • Harvey Milk is known as an activist.

    Harvey Milk is known as an activist,not a martyr.Even though Milk was killed because of his political beliefs he accomplished much in his career in California.A martyr is usually known for one thing and many times had not accomplished much at all.Harvey Milk will be remembered as much for his accomplishments as the way he died.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-20T05:00:26.727
None of the above. He was meaningless.

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