• Hasbro has been given special status by Disney

    Disney has given Hasbro special status with regards to it's new core brands for boys, i.e. Marvel and Star Wars and has also been given the exclusive for the Disney Princess lines. Hasbro also "called off a merger with Dreamworks" in the not too distant passed. Hasbro rearranged it's future Transformers and GI Joe movie schedules and made an extensive plan of what would be the next several films out by at least 10 years making it's entertainment arm very interesting for investors or purchasers. And recently it was announced that Hasbro is ending partnership with FunPub who manages the Hasbro Collectors Clubs for GI Joe and Transformers effective December 31 2016.

  • The only reason i think this is because Disney is a monopoly company i mean any chance they try to grab another company .

    But they are definitely being a jackasses cuz they are just hoarding in other companies and try to keep it to thrk selves when they should own some not all companies like for instance i didn't knoe they owned nbc or A & E. They are a juggrrnaut company planning. To steal buy and profit

  • There just too much evidence for it not to be true

    Just recently Disney ended its contracts with longtime partner Mattel and gave Hasbro the exclusive right to manufacture all Disney Princess merchandise. Now Hasbro essentially makes very major Disney franchise, and acquiring it would give Disney something it lacks--an in-house toy manufacturer, not to mention access to brands like Transformers, GI Joe, and My Little Pony.

  • Yes Hasbro will be bought

    Hasbro will definitely be bought by Disney. As it's stock price falls and the index multiplier rises, it will be more and more likely that Hasbro will need to ease its liquidation quotient by injecting necessary capital equities. Disney has an interest in the future of the gaming market and enough capital for a stock infusion. As it's said, If the glove fits, then Disney will buy Hasbro.

  • I do not want this to happen

    Do you remember last year? Disney's five films have become the highest grossing films of 2016. In fact, I don't want this to happen this year. Besides, they shouldn't buy their competitors, and more stuff like, Nintendo, Sony, etc. I want them to reopen Disney Interactive Studios like old times.

  • Ancient story, not happening.

    There's an old rumor that Hasbro is the next purchase target for Disney that everyone thinks is a good idea, except for economists. Disney is an entertainment company that primarily produces films and runs amusement parks. They have no desire whatsoever to get into distribution and manufacturing of goods. Also, it would royally screw up their licensing arrangements with other toy companies if they did that. It's just not happening.

  • No, Hasbro is not currently being bought out by Disney.

    Although there have been rumors in the past that Hasbro would be purchased by Disney, Hasbro has said that the rumors aren't true. Despite the fact that it may not have already happened, some people do think it will happen in the future. It's possible it could, but each company would need to look into how it would impact their companies and their licensing agreements with other companies. So, while it could potentially happen in the future, it's definitely not guaranteed, and is a no-but-maybe for now.

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