Is Hatred Real or is it Just a Mixture of Loath and Disgust?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Neurology makes hate a physical phenomenon

    A person who "loves" apparently uses only some of the frontal cortex, whilst a person who experiences hate uses the whole of their frontal cortex; that is why it is much comfortable to love than to hate. Hate was developed in a part of the human brain that was developed ~150,000 years ago, and is still a relative new, yet often exploited, human emotion.

  • Hate Is Controlled By the Part of Your Brain That Controls Love

    Ate is a very strong emotion; the stark opposite of love with the intensity of your emotions (even if they are very different). Hate is not only strong, but also deadly. It can consume you and become must more dangerous than love- or blindly following a vicious leader. Hatred can end up swallowing you whole and leaving you with nothing but pain.

  • Hate is very much real

    When I loath someone, I dislike seeing them prosper and when I am disgusted by someone, I never want to be around them, but when I hate someone, I want them to suffer. I wouldn't feel disgust or loathing for them. I would want to tear them down and stand above them. Luckily, I wouldn't hate someone unless they were a truly terrible person, but the feeling is still there. Hate is an extreme version of loathing someone.

  • No hatred is not real

    It is just a a word use to described something that you dont like or you dont approve to hatred is not an emotion but simply a decision, A decision of the mind to not like something or someone in events or things that happened its all in the brain making decision that you dont know..

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