Is having a good social life/love/happiness more important than being wealthy?

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  • We all want to Happy.

    You don’t want to be rich — you want to be happy. Many people mistakenly believe that the former leads to the latter. While it’s certainly true that money can help you achieve your goals, provide for your future, and make life more enjoyable, merely having money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

  • Why people want to be Wealthy?

    People want to be wealthy because there is a misperception that money can provide whatever they want. It is definitely true that money can provide us many pleasures but they are temporary. In order to have good social connection and friends are important to be happy and a friend in need is friend in deed. There will be many persons who would pretend to be our friends when we are wealthy but they are good weather friends. Therefore wealth is not a good indicator of happiness. We need love in our life and those people who love us genuinely will love us irrespective of we are rich or not. Hence having a good social life/love/happiness is more important than being wealthy.

  • The happiness money provides is temporary.

    There's a psychology principle called the "adaption-level phenomenon". After a large improvement in lifestyle (like coming across lots of money) there is a brief surge in mood, followed by a gradual regression back to neutral. If someone relied on wealth to make them happy, that person would require continually increasing wealth to remain happy until they required more money than it is possible to make.

    A good example of this is the evolution of technology. A 12" black-and-white CRT television was an exciting thing to own in the 1960's. Compare that to today, where a 27" LCD TV is almost depressing compared to a 65" HD plasma screen.

    The only "secret" to stable and long-term happiness is close relationships with family and friends, with fulfilling pursuits to fill your time. Relying on money or possessions is a bad approach because you will always need to have more to continue feeling happy.

    While it is true that no one's gotten divorced because of too much money, you can find people in extreme poverty who are happy because they have their family, and likewise there are rich people who are also very miserable because they have stressful jobs/a shallow marriage/no social circle.

  • Happiness is better than saddness

    Being happy is better than being sad. Being wealthy rather brings you closer to the devil. I think most know this. That happyness is obviously better than being sad. Love and happyness is a good feeling. While on the other side, gloom lerks. Yes of course life...I l l l

  • Money can not buy Happiness/Love.

    What is Money? It is a mechanism to transfer goods and services in exchange of similar goods and services. These goods and services are external in nature. But happiness and love are inner in nature and they can not be transferred by something which is itself not love or happiness. We can get love by loving and attain happiness by spreading happiness. Money is just a tool or a mechanism which are not meant to attain internal emotions and feelings. They can provide poor substitutes which are temporary in nature. But inner happiness and feeling of love are something more permanent and can be considered as ever lasting.

  • The only thing that matters is happiness

    It's simple: if you are happy, you will live a good life. It doesn't matter what you need to do to achieve that happiness, whether it be a boatload of money or just sitting next to a fire with a loved one. We all strive for happiness, that's the one thing thing we all have in common, to be content. How we get to that goal is what makes us different.

  • You can buy happiness.

    I'm not saying you need to be wealthy to be happy, but that it sure helps.
    Think about anything that makes you happy. Clearly if you want a really nice home, car, or vacation to make you happy, you need money. Usually the more you spend on them, the more happy you will be. What about the spouse of your dreams? Seeing that appearance plays a big factor, the better you look, the better your chances. If your young, you may just need some nice clothing or other visual things. Again, these take money. As you grow older, you become less attractive and to get it back, you need money. Obviously the more money you have, the more you can spend on being happy. In some cases, just having wealth is enough to get the women of your dreams no matter if you are not that attractive.
    Sure, you may not need money to find the spouse of your dreams. You don't have to be rich to have a long happy marriage. Thing is, money trouble is one of the largest causes of divorce. Have you ever heard of someone getting a divorce because they made too much money?

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