Is having a non-racist white identity the same thing as the non-racist identity of a member of any other racial group?

  • It's ok for people of color but illegal for caucasions

    We have the NAACP, National Association of Advancement of Colored People here!
    Now if a white person wanted to start the SAME for their race, the black people would scream RACISTS & sue that association & probably won it.
    These special clubs, scholarships, legal teams, & quota filling in federal or state government positions ALL based on the color of their skin is RACIST & they get away with that. Somebody tell me why... BC their gggreat grandparents were slaves? Many of the white people in America whose ancestors were a different kind of slave, the indentured servants. But it be radical & riot-worthy for a white person to get special preference or federal or state funds for their ancestors' poor treatment! In fact, it is ILLEGAL for a white person to form a private white club..
    Yet, there are well known Black Colleges right in the south to this day, like Spellman & Moorehouse. White persons would be sued or fined to even start an all-white college. This is reverse discrimination.

  • Non- racist white means being not a racist of other identity.

    A white guy who is not a racist over his race or identity doesn't mean that he can be a racist of other racial groups. Why? Because he doesn't want to support the race of his/her own group. Now, if these people who own a non-racist white identity and they do not support their own group or race; it is evitable to say that these group can be a racist of other groups. And even if it is true on some rare cases, but it is still ambiguous.

  • Non-Racist All Means the Same Thing

    Non-racist identity is the same no matter what. Having a "white" non-racist identity doesn't mean anything because whites are only the majority race in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Everywhere else, whites would be considered minorities themselves. Non-racist means the same thing no matter what ethic group to which you belong.

  • I Would Assume So

    I would have assume being a non-racist is pretty much the same regardless of what race you are. I think this is the important part of the race-relations, realizing that deep down we are all humans and we are all equal. Each race has been brought up with prejudices that they have to overcome.

  • Not at all

    No, it is way different to be white and be labeled as not racist. I think that it is really hard to be a white person and not be a little bit racist, since deep down we think that we are the best race that lives on this planet today.

  • We are all formed by our identities.

    No, having a non-racist white identity is not the same thing as the non-racist identity of a member of any other racial group, because we all see things as our perspective. A person who is born white will naturally see things from a different perspective as a person who is born a minority. It does not make one perspective better or worse, just different.

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