Is having a slow paced, stress free, and relax life better than having a fast paced life, always full of stress?

  • Slow and fun

    We only have one life to live, do we really want to spend that life being stress and always having anxiety over small things that doesn't really matter?! If I'm going to live, then I want to live right, and that's having fun while doing so, and being care free

  • The real world is hectic enough.

    In a slower paced lifestyle, you can focus on what really matters. At the end of the day, it's all about personal preference, but the people that live a slower paced lifestyle have more time for family and friends and do not feel the need to become part of the corporate brainwashed society as much as the people who live in a faster paced environment. No offense, but there is a certain amount of selling out that goes with being in a more corporate, fast paced environment. At the end of the day though, it's all in what you're cut out for. One is not really better than the other. It's just about finding yourself and your lot in life.

  • Yes a relaxed life is more natural

    Rushing around full of stress and screwing up the environment is not my idea of a decent life. Unfortunately people are forgetting how to appreciate the present and are losing their mental clarity with their high paced lives
    These people cannot find fulfilment as they have too many desires.
    I found meditation helped me hugely, the only problem being ' THE MORE ENLIGHTENED YOU BECOME - THE LESS YOU FIT INTO SOCIETY'.

  • It depends on the person.

    I personally would prefer a relaxed low stress life where I make barely enough to keep myself alive, then a high stress life with any condition. To me, happiness is the ultimate utility. But sometimes it depends on the person. Some people (like the Puritans) believe that relaxedness is a sin, so they must live in a high stress life in order to feel less stressed about sinning.

  • Too much of relaxation precludes the progress

    The fast pace life pushes you to develop yourself and to use your abilities. In slow pace: 1) people minds are slow, which decrease their ability to learn and remember; 2) it is not enough of stress to concentrate an attention, so be ready for mistakes and overlooking with any service you pay for; 3) in slow life style a lot of people do same job during 35 years and there is no need to improve, because everyone is happy with what they have; 4) things are slow, so if you need a help right now – you better relax and wait. . I prefer to work harder myself and to know that I will receive the same good service or help from others in a store, in a bank or in a clinic.

  • The life will eventually become boring

    Having a stress-free and relaxed life is not better than having a fast-paced life. It gives you adrenaline and determination to do even better. If you have a slow-paced and relaxed life, it will eventually become boring. It's better to take good risks than to just do everything that is planned out and has no spontaneity.

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