Is having a social life more important that academics?

Asked by: JackieF33
  • Although academics highly affects your future and success, I believe having a social life is more important as it affects your mental state much more.

    You can be the smartest kid with the best grades but that alone could not fulfill you, Grades don't affect oneself's mental stability directly if anything they do affect them negatively. A social life is what maintains you feeling important and is one of the biggest contributors to mental stability.

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  • Having a good education and getting a good job is important, but having a good social life is even more important

    You can have a good education/job and be wealthy but that is nothing compared to having friends/partners that care about you, support you and love you. Does money/physical assets ever say i love you? Would your material possesions/good education care if you died in an accident?. Well then this proves that education isnt important compared to social relationships.

  • I believe that education is far more important (But..)

    I had a question asking me in 8th grade if I would rather be very smart or very popular. I chose very smart. I remember later that day taking home that same question and my brother told me it depends on what occupation someone wants to have later in their life. Being smart can get you very far, but would you get noticed in you weren't popular or if you didn't have a social life? For a politician, they usually need both the smarts and the popularity but that is another argument. If someone wants a better job, they should choose academics over social skills, like I would, but it all depends on where someone wants to go later on in their life.

  • I know it sounds bad, but I believe academics are more important and needed. (Plus, I'm talking about Asian countries)

    If you take a look at the society in Asia, you can easily know that the pressure of tests, going into a good school or a company is really high. It's so hard to survive in the society and companies if we don't have good grades and didn't graduate good schools. If we think realistically about Asian society, you'll soon understand my opinion.

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