Is hazing a way to bring groups together (yes) or is it an unnecessary ritual (no)?

  • It can bring groups together.

    Hazing has gotten a bad wrap of late because of some of the negative impacts it has had on people. On a few occasions, it has even been disastrous. For the most part, though, hazing is largely harmless and done in good fun just to get people laughing. It's a good thing.

  • Hazing Is Just Dumb

    All it really is for, is to make people who have been at any given organization for a while feel superior over the new people. To degrade them in a way that brings fear about, so they can feel safe in their current position. If people really want to come together, they do real activities together like throw a BBQ.

  • Its not good

    No, hazing does not bring groups together, it is to make fun of a person to an awful extent, to see if they are worthy of joining your club. It is an awful thing, because people are forced to do awful things, and it is being stopped across the country.

  • Hazing Groups is Unnecessary Ritual

    I personally think that hazing is not a way to bring groups together because it is unnecessary ritual and it is dangerous as well as a harassment. I personally think that hazing is not a way to bring groups together because it is humiliating as well as embarrassing to the team.

  • Unnecessary Ritual To Me

    For me personally, no hazing ritual would ever make me feel like I was part of a group, nor would I see it as a way to bring a group together. Hazing is the product of childish behaviors, brought on by people who fail to understand society and humanity. These rituals are pointless.

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