• Yes it is.

    Hazing is very wrong, no matter what the circumstance is. As a member of a sorority, I was scared that hazing would occur. But fortunately hazing at my school does not occur. However, other sororities fraternities or sports teams are not as lucky and are subject to mental and physical torture.

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  • Hazing is wrong! Deaths occur

    Hazing is a tradition performed in fraternities when a person joins the fraternity. Hazing involves harassment, degradation, humiliation, and etc.. I oppose the idea of hazing. Hazing causes people to die because of extreme injuries. LIKE HELL I EVEN DIED FROM HAZING. THis needs 8 more words so here we go.


    Yes, hazing is WRONG! The tradition of things turns into the bondage of things causing innocent people to be held hostage killing freedom. Their are laws in play for Hazing and I have done studies after studies on hazing which is tormenting spiritually, mentally and physically. God does not make hazing a prerequisite to be accepted so why should a fraternity or any other organization? It seems as if organizations feel that they should take the initiative to do God's work which is clearly self effort! Stop It! I will speak, debate, persuade and go round for round on this topic! This is far from LOVE!!

  • Yes, hazing crosses a lot of lines and is unsafe.

    Hazing in fraternities and sororities can really cross the line. While a little bit of razzing may be expected, hazing has crossed the line into being a very dangerous initiation rite. Some hazing, such as having people chug beer or water, can cause death--and there are known deaths from binge drinking initiations, and even one from water overdose. If sororities and fraternities cannot engage in harmless acts of hazing, then the entire initiation should be forbidden.

  • Vice intentional physical injury, if the action in question is undertaken voluntarily it is not hazing.

    If the "candidates" voluntarily choose to attempt to be ADMITTED into a group and the acts necessary to gain admittance are undertaken voluntarily with freedom to resign at any time, short of actual crimes (or assault or battery of any kind) labeling the act as "hazing" is frivolous in nature and when those acts are formally omitted from the initiation process group cohesion and group autonomy is unreasonably reduced.

  • To a degree hazing is fine

    As long as hazing does not got to far is is fine. People learn to take a joke. Also once you are no longer new hazing will most likely stop and there will be a stronger bond with other members of the group knowing that you have earned your placed in the group.

  • You have a choice

    Everything that is done to you is done if you let it. The day you say you do not want to partake in it anymore is the day it will end. If not, then that is a separate issue. But you always have a choice, and if you don't mind the hazing then good for you.

  • NO it turns boys into men

    Hazing, beating, sexual abuse ..

    It is all really a matter of degrees, and exposing young boys to mild versions of torture, makes them tougher, and hopefully stimulates their interest in sadism. Hazing is one of those games, that boys play and women and liberals should just stay clear off

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