• If health care were not a right, many people would be allowed to suffer.

    The US federal requirement is for hospitals ERs to provide screening exams to people identify emergent conditions. If emergent condition exist, the hospital has to stabilize the patient without regard to insurance status.

    This is already implying that health care is a right.

    However, health care should be more than this kind of "put out a fire" management, and citizens should contribute to a system that pays for the health care. People should not get excessive care and unproven care should be minimized. Patients that that contribute sufficiently to the health care funding system should not abuse the system.

  • HealthCare Is Not a Right.

    'Healthcare' is not a right for anyone because there are no such thing as 'rights.' A right means that one should use force against others in order to provide something for someone else. There are no moral obligations of this kind, and thus, no such thing as rights. The whole thing is a farce.

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