Is health care best when its run by private companies?

  • Government Doesn't Have the Power

    The government doesn't have the power to provide health care for everyone, it is better if companies do it. The government doesn't have the power to provide it to every single person, and if there is a problem it is easier to go to private companies than try and get the government to handle it. Private companies can also provide choices such as which health care provider to go to, whereas the government provides you one.

  • Private as in "not the government".

    Anything the government touches is slow, unresponsive, difficult to change, and costs taxpayers money. (ex. Post Office, DMV, etc.)

    Not all private companies are huge, evil conglomerations. The stereotype about companies being evil, greedy, and faceless, is just that, a stereotype. I do think there are some companies that fall into that category, and/or could. But hat is how stereotypes get started, isn't it?

    Private companies give consumers more choice in options. More companies, more options. If a company has bad ideas/pricing/services, that company either changes or goes out of business. When the government has bad -anything- it just gets more tax payer money to try and *fix* it. Things never really get fixed because there is no consequences for bad service. Government does not go out of business and there is only one. You cannot get a second option.

  • Best for who?

    If youre rich then private corporations are great. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are not rich, so therefore we wouldnt benefit. The best healthcare for ordinary people is national health care that is free, and run by a non-corrupt govt. Even national healthcare by a corrupt govt can be good. Look at taiwan.

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