• Yes health care is very important to people.

    Health care is basic to the ability of a person to be a productive member of American society. Individuals who are older, have an activity limitation, have a chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, or have experienced stroke, are less likely to be involved in community activities. Their quality of life suffers and the community loses access to their talents.

  • Good Lord, yes!

    Caring for one's health, whether we are referring to maintaining health or improving it, is (or should be) of the ultimate importance to people. Almost nothing else in life, pleasurable activities or just daily responsibilities, can be enjoyed or performed fully and to the best of one's ability if health is not up to par.

  • Good health is important

    Nobody can deny that healthcare is important. While it is there for us in times of emergency, there are other long term conditions that people depend on their doctors to help them with. It is one of the two most important areas to fund, alongside education. A healthy population is a productive one.

  • It is quality of life.

    Yes, health care is important to people because health care helps people live better lives. People live much longer than they used to because health care is available. A person can be treated for a disease or a heart attack and live for dozens of years, when they would have otherwise died much younger.

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