Is Health Insurance being run by the Syndicate (since Health Care Reform, thus far)?

Asked by: Peacyone
  • People are Healthier than past Generations. Why are Cost four times more?

    It was in the early eighties, when Health Insurance included not-for-Profits, low monthly premiums and Insurers who covered their Costs by Dividends made from Stock Market Investments. A crash, a Government intervention to restrict those Investments and keep up Reserves, and all Healthcare was diminished over time, while costs went up to the level of most People's mortgage. A scramble has left an almost socialized system where names are taken for a National Registry for the first time in history. No longer is a taxpayer at risk for audit to check compliance. Instead they are forced to "Report" on special Forms. A slippery slope there, for now the Government is involved yet the Insurers remain "private" without accounting enough. Are those high Premiums still necessary? We are getting, and have been, in several ways; increased insurance rates, more utilization review, increased deductibles, increased co-pays, increased diversion of our tax payments to health insurance companies with their raising rates, and the bail-out too add to the insult. Being ignored when sick is out there too, keeping costs down. And where are all the aging baby boomers? Recall the "Greying of America" book written by Al Gore? Check your census. 13.5%, while medical error is now the third leading cause of death by reports. Google it. What's the game? When will we demand a return to a sane system of non-reporting, an effective payment system for Insurers who are forced to limit returns by Regulations, and freedom for People to trust again, their government and their health provider/s?

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