• Shorter wait time for elective surgery.

    Governments, like the one in Australia, forcing you to take out private healthcare & penalising you with an annual tax if you don't & making you pay a 2% increase of the private healthcare fee's for every year you are over the age of 31. They have done this so they can decrease their funding to support the public healthcare system that is available for everyone.

  • Healthcare is not a Scam

    Healthcare should be a basic human right for all and is available in other industrialized nations and even in some third world countries. Persons without access to healthcare are forced to forego medical assistance or have to resort to emergency rooms which raises the cost of healthcare for everyone. I do not believe that it is an economic scam at all. Once enough people are enrolled, costs will come down and it will provide benefit in the long term. Death and illness from lack of care in this country should not even be an issue.

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