• In sickness and in health.

    Healthcare is a necessity to function in today' society. People that cannot afford to purchase healthcare are not in this situation because they are lazy, but because of SES disparities that they have no control over. People do not get sick of their own accord but due to predispositions and environmental conditions in addition to their behaviors. In order to ensure justice, healthcare must be available for all individuals. We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In order to avoid morbidity and mortality that hinder our rights to both life and our pursuit of happiness, healthcare must be considered a fundamental human right.

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Health Care in the U.S.

    Everyone has the right to health, including health care, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Health care is a public good, not a commodity. The U.S. Health care system must fulfill these principles:

    Universality: Everyone in the United States has the human right to health care.
    Equity: Benefits and contributions should be shared fairly to create a system that works for everyone.
    Accountability: The U.S. Government has a responsibility to ensure that care comes first.

  • Health care is a right.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

    The right to liberty means the right to do whatever we want so long as we don't violate the rights of others. The right to pursue happiness is the right to work hard to ensure a happy and decent living. And the right to life is the right to live. If somebody is denied care because of their ability to pay, they are being denied their rights based on money. That is unethical.

  • Healthcare should be considered a human right.

    As far as I know, human rights are universally agreed standards for how people are treated. They are something that allows people to live with respect, equality, protection and dignity. They are something that enables people to participate fully in political, economical and cultural as well as social life in the community. Therefore, because healthcare can offer people these two things, I suppose that it should be a basic human right. On the one hand, the access to healthcare system shows that people's legitimate need for healthy lives is respected and fulfilled. Besides, the fact that everyone can receive medical treatment if necessary also reflects the fairness as well as the protection. On the other hand, healthcare increases people's involvement in a number of aspects in the society mentioned above since it guarantees that people are healthy, making them feel safe and comfortable in order to dedicate to the growth of their community.

  • We should all we entitled to healthcare

    Healthcare is a human right because the rights are happiness liberty and life. Denying healthcare is most certainly denying happiness, as the person would suffer. Also, it can take the right of life, if an illness is not properly treated. Just because you are poor, it doesnt mean you should be degraded and your sickness and the sickness of your child should be ignored. Simple as that.

  • Basic human rights.

    Everyone deserves the right to have healthcare. People get sick and many times do not receive the treatments needed to get better because they cannot afford healthcare. This is not right. If prison inmates can have free healthcare, I believe everyone should. Maybe if the government had a system that made it easier for citizens to receive healthcare, not as many people would purposely commit crimes just so that they could receive the benefits.

  • Helping someone in need is human nature.

    Asking if health care is a human right is like asking someone if they were human. For example, if you were walking down the street and saw a kid fall of his bike and hurt himself, would you walk away? Or would you go over and help the kid and try to find his parents? Be aware there is only one correct answer to this.

  • Yes, we should all be entitled to quality healthcare.

    Healthcare is absolutely a human right! It shouldn't only be for the wealthy. As a society, I think we have an obligation to help out our fellow human beings, and what better way to help them out than to improve the quality of their health? If we deny healthcare, we deny someone their well being and are, well, kind of contributing to their deaths. Being healthy shouldn't be a privilege.

  • Healthcare is not a right

    A right is something that people automatically have that other people, Or the government, Are not allowed to take away. For example, The right to free speech means that the government cannot prevent us from speaking our minds. A right is NOT something that the government provides - that would be an entitlement, Or public service. The right to free speech does not mean that the government pays the expense of publishing our ideas. Similarly, Although the government can not prevent people from pursuing treatment, That does not mean it is obligated to provide it or pay for it.

  • All rights owned by an individual imply a duty on the part of others.

    It is difficult for me to see healthcare as a human right as opposed to a legal entitlement when it imposes such a duty on others. Who is paying for healthcare? The doctors, the hospitals? For these reasons, I conclude healthcare to be a legal entitlement and not a human right.

  • Healthcare is a commodity, not a right.

    Saying that healthcare is a right just because we need medical treatment is like saying we have a right to unlimited bread because we need food to survive. Even if you are hungry, that doesn't make it morally okay to rob your local grocery to feed yourself. In fact, the whole reason as to why healthcare is so freakishly expensive is because the government subsidizes healthcare in the first place. Simply create a free market within the healthcare industry and you'll see the prices of healthcare go down astronomically, thus making it far more affordable to more people.

  • No, healthcare is not a human right

    Healthcare is not a human right due the the fact that all basic human rights must exist in the state of nature. Does food exist in nature, yes. Does freedom exist in nature, yes. Does healthcare exist in nature, no. The fore healthcare is not a basic human right but rather an asset/ business created by humans in society.

    Posted by: MB17
  • Why support the lazy?

    Healthcare is a good or commodity and not a right. It is there for the people who can afford it and there are programs for those who can't. There may be a need for healthcare programs for minors or for people with disabilities but there is in no way an obligation to provide for people who are fully capable of earning a living and obtaining healthcare.

  • Health care is not a human right

    Health care is not a human right as so many people are denied it based on their health, denied based on their very human need for help and care. While it would be nice to say everyone deserves to have and use the health care system no one is willing to put the funding forward to pay for the changes needed to make it a reality. This is not even taking into account the millions of people who don't have any idea what modern health care even looks like.

  • No, it is not.

    Healthcare, while helpful, is not a human right. Human rights are the right to happiness, liberty, and life. The denial of healthcare would not deny us those rights, therefore it is not a human right. We are still able to get medical help, and go to the doctor, it just can get pricey at times. None the less I do think people should get healthcare because that is important for many reasons.

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