• Helga Estby was a woman ahead of her time

    Helga Estby was a woman ahead of her time, that is for sure. In a time when women barely went to school, she started a construction business, which is to this date still a field dominated by males. Hence, yes, Estby is an excellent historical role model, and kids, especially girls, should be told her acomplishments.

  • Helga Estby is a great historical icon

    I think in my opinion that Helga Estby is a great cultural and historical icon and we should talk more about hardships like what she suffered to our children. She tried to overtake the difficulties she suffered by accomplishing a great feat but was stolen from her prize in the end.

  • Yes Helga Estby is a Good Historical Role Model

    Helga Estby is a Good Historical Role Model, especially for her walk across the United States during 1896. She was shunned by her family for leaving them but still she remained strong in her decision and moved along the path she wanted to pursue. She definitely is a role model.

  • SHe is not

    Helga Estby is not a good historical role model. Most people do not even know what she has done and dont even know who she is. I had to google her for this question. She is an immigrant who is known for her walk acorss america, which is noteworthy but not good enough to be a role model.

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