Is Hell a place of torment and pain or just the equivalent of being in the Time-Out Corner?

Asked by: DarkShadowMaster
  • No, I don't think Hell is a place of torture.

    We're always told that God loves us. We're His children and He is our Heavenly Father. And as any Father, He would give us chances to not make the same mistake over and over again. And if we do, when we go to meet Him, we don't know what He'll do or what He'll say. But apparently the church does since most of them say the same freaking thing. If you're gay, then you're sinning. If you're Jewish, you're sinning. Hell (no pun intended), if you're of a mixed race, you're sinning. Or why stop there? If you masturbate, have sex, date, eat meats, meditate, draw, or even imagine, then that's a sin. I'm surprised sitting isn't a sin. But I digress. If you actually sin, like murder, rape, you know, actual sins, then God's going to be a father and punish His children. That's where Hell comes in. We've been told that Hell is a place of pain and suffering and how Lucifer runs the place, but....I believe that's not true. I think everything in the Bible that has to do with God, Lucifer, and Hell is just fear mongering. When the bible was made, it was a time where crime was no stranger to us. There was murder, stealing, and rape all over the place, so the church made a book and fear mongered us into listening and it worked. For a good few hundred years. They still try it to this day and I think we've started to catch on that if there is a God, He probably wouldn't care if you were gay or if you masturbated. Why? Cause if you're gay, then He created you in what He saw you as, just you. And if you masturbate, then at least you're not out raping innocent people because you're horny. But continuing on, Hell is meant for the people who committed, in my opinion, actual sins and didn't regret it. The sadistic murders, thieves, liars, cheaters, rapists, etc. Hell is meant for them. But not in the way the church would want us to believe. Hell is like the time out corner and "til the end of time" is for how long you have to stay there. Now as far as the pain goes, if any, it's probably in our heads. Imagine the pain of the families that Hitler slaughtered felt when they lost loved ones or the pain a baby felt when it was either killed, molested, or both. Now, pile all of that on top of how much pain God feels sending you, His child, to that place. Yeah, that's an infinite amount of pain. So, really, Hell's just a time-out corner with a time limit.

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