• Yeah it's real.

    Over 300 million people live in it each day. They go about their day with its monotony and lack of any real connection with another living thing. Just doing the same thing over and over again. They get robbed, Raped, And ridiculed by others. They live in fear that all this will someday end. They mistakenly call it the greatest place in the world falsely believing that they're free. But they've been conditioned to believe this. They really are just miserable. That's why it's so easy to believe in a heaven away from here.

  • As much as we wish to be wrong

    Both Hell & the Devil exist, & we could all go there, Regardless of religion or lack of. Just as we can all go to prison in this life, We can also be punished in the next. Denial of the Devil & Hell will not make it go away. Just try as well as you can in this life not to go there!

  • Yeah it is

    We actually do not know what is deep below the earth. Scientist made a model of the earth but they will all admit that they are not entirely how the earth is below the crust. I am not lying they do not know what is under the crust of the earth.
    However there is this case of a man actually dying and medically confirmed to have been dead and brain dead in Latin America called Javier Vanegas. He was 100% medically dead for about 45 minutes and came back from the dead terrified.
    He said that he saw hell and that every bad person was sent there. He did not suffer any brain damage and he went started to attend church out of fear of what he saw.
    In the bible there even is a story of a person who went to hell. He begged God to resurrect a person to warn his brothers about hell. Jesus told him that even if a person came back from the dead and told people what they saw people would still not believe and remain skeptic.
    I am sure there are skeptics who refuse to believe it.

    One more thing. Do not trust the people who claimed to have "died" but their heart was still beating and they were not even dead for a minute. Only believe the actual people who were dead for more than an 30 minutes.

    And some people even pretend that they saw heaven. There was a boy who made a book pretending he saw heaven and admitted that he made it up. Some people make up what they saw and they were not even dead.

    Here is the link that you could see. If someone did come back from the dead would you even believe them?
    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ap639eshEnk

  • Real but not material

    Hell is a state of absolute hopelessness. It may be more a state of mind than a locale, An inmate on death row may have no hope of reprieve and may be in a personal hell. There are many other examples. A person totally paralyzed may have great thoughts, But is hopeless and helpless to communicate. There are many more examples,

  • Why believe in something just because a lot of people did?

    If you've ever felt that a lot of people around you don't think for themselves, That is exactly why things like religion can exist in the first place. Religion is based on blind trust, And that's bad practice, Because we humans are wrong all the time. Every time you have a deja vu is because your brain did an oopsie. Why would we humans be able to understand the messages of a god in the first place?

  • There is no evidence of such

    The topic here would be: Is Hell real?

    Then the claim would either have to be: "There is a hell. " or "There is not an hell. " As hell is not in the natural world, And we have no reason to validly suspect it's existence the claim would most likely be, "There is a hell. " As "There is no hell, " is implied.

    As such the claim, "There is a hell. " requires evidence, Specifically of the supernatural sort. Since there is no evidence, I will not accept the claim, And be on the no.


  • Hell is not real.

    "We actually do not know what is deep below the earth. " wrong.

    Not even one sentence in and you still failed. Also you can't come back from brain death, There is no peer reviewed documented case of it and your example is not one of them, Its a little ironic considering alot of your post is about not trusting people.

    Take your garbage YouTube video and get some help.

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