• Yes helen keller was a myth

    Ok I know this sounds dumb but like how even did she learn. Like what. She learned by touch i know but also like i just don't believe it. # when you walk in on Helen Keller watching TV. # Walking in on Helen Keller listening to music. #helen keller

  • Helen Keller is a liar

    Of course Helen Keller was a real person. That in and of it's self is a fact. The myth about Hellen Keller was that she was both deaf and blind. It is not even possible for a deaf person and a blind person to write a book. This is not possible. SHE IS A FAKE!

  • Helen Keller is a gosh darned fake!

    There are thousands of deaf and blind folks around the world. None of those nerds write books or learn to read. Because of precedent common sense and the obvious rules of the universe there is no possible way that Helen Keller could be an actual person. Even if she was an actual person there is no way in heck that she was both deaf and blind.

  • Yes she is

    Sure a blind deaf person learning how to read and write and figuring out how to spell without ever seeing the words or seeing the ground and knowing ground means ground, Yeah she obviously learned and figured out how to write an entire book. Yeah that would be awesome! Too bad it’s fake

  • Man she is stupid

    Just open you are eyes man and oopen you are ears HELLO HELLO HEllo HELlo can you hear me Hellllllo hellooooo. Hellen Keller stupid ass name reminds me of Hell i don't like hell hell isnt real God damn it

    Monkey dancing in the moonlight oog ohh ha ha ooh oh ha

  • She be fake

    First of all she is a women (self explanatory). Also how do you think that thing wrote a book she may be real but she didn’t write a book if you are blind a deaf how are you going to communicate with anyone. Even Braille wouldn’t work because you have no communication skills so there is nobody to tell you what it means. If she existed she is just a clump of nothingness but to be fair she is very good at Cold War

  • Hellen keller is fake!

    There is no way that someone is blind, Deaf, And mute could have written a book. She cans see so she doesn't know what she's writing, And she can hear or talk so there's no way she could have communicated her book with anyone! This is why she is a myth.

  • Maybe she was just smarter than you. . .

    Man, I hate TikTok. L've read a bit about this, And it seems like a whole generation of children have seen someone's content about Keller being a fake, And followed along. Honestly, The video should be flagged as untrue, Or removed. It's too bad children today are willing to believe anything they see on TikTok.

  • No, She is real.

    Read her book to understand how she accomplished it you can't say things are myths just because you don't understand them. So why don't you say everything myths? Because so many things don't make sense like how a girl without a hand can do gymnastics but such a girl exists. Or a girl with a prosthetic hand.

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