Is Hellenic Polytheism (the modern worship of Greek Gods) a valid religious choice?

  • I am a follower of this faith.

    I believe any religious choice is valid, So long as you believe it wholeheartedly and do no harm to anyone in your practices. Yet, I am called a cultist pretty periodically in forums and other social media sites. I don't understand how something as small as religion can cause hatred as bright as I've seen. To me, Religion does not define the person.

  • Belief is something beyond yourself.

    Choosing to have faith is a decision made by people who have experienced something unexplained by science or just a willingness to assume that there is something beyond our mortal realm.
    I am a practitioner of this faith and in the church organization in my state I was a priestess for the goddess Aphrodite because she chose me to give her messages to those in my congregation.
    My faith doesn't have a sacred text like the Quaran or bible because our faith is founded on oral traditions and stories passed down to us. We do follow a moral code, We do not believe in sacrifice of human life anymore, We believe in honesty, And being fair to others, We also believe in not making promises we cannot uphold. Tell me of any other faith that tells you not to bargain with your words.

  • Believe in what you want to believe in

    There are many stories told for generations in many different religions in different forms. Some may be true as ghost other may not. How can you tell if something is real if you do not see it with your own eyes? Nothing is really seem with anyone's eyes no more, You may believe in someone like Jesus but you have never seen him like I never seen Zeus but there are stories and painting on the walls all around us, Is there really a true religion in this world? If you say that it isn't a valid religion then its like saying any other religion isn't valid or true all this does is hurt the people who believe in it and make there belief stronger. If the world had one religion do you think that world hunger and war would stop? Everyone has there own opinion weather or not they want to share it or not. What I believe is that in this cruel world each religion exist to each us different things in life for example; Buddhism is the teaching of self reflection, A way to clear the mind and soul. If you were to open your eyes for a bit then you would see that evething in this world is there for something just like you and I.

  • Eh, Sure why not.

    If it makes a person feel fulfilled to consider stories of deities and to model their behavior after them. Or if it just gives them their jollies.

    Although the Greek deities always struck me as a bit jerklike in the stories I would read of them. But hey, Maybe they were a good match for the people however many of years ago they existed. And I'm sure they had some positive concepts.

    Really though, Just having some person as a personification of a concept isn't bad. Have a deity that is supposed to embody war and how one should go about it, Or agriculture and whatnot.

    I am sure there were Greeks who believed wholeheartedly in their religion and Greeks who did not, But simply went through motions hating it. As well as Greeks who did not believe but appreciated the culture and history of it, As well as some of it's lessons.

    Is humanism any different in a world where there are nihilists, Sociopaths, Or psychopaths? Eh maybe, Though I use humanism as an example because I feel it is the one I most often hear atheists calling for.

    Though I suppose I am calling the Greek deities invalid in a way, By saying no one worships or follows them anymore. That's more of an assumption on my part. Eh, I feel they are valid since people always have the ability to choose them and bring them back. And maybe there are churches and group or many individuals who still worship them.

  • Everyone is free to choose.

    Maybe it's just me but I really believe that what really matters is the way you use and take your religion, Because we cannot say for certain that everyone who profess a religion, Whatever it is, They modify it to their convenience.
    I might be wrong, But we can compare this kind of believe with the Hindu one, And like everything religion transform with time, So there are parts of the religion that doesn't remain the same.
    So the real question is, Why should we question any kind of believe? A friend of mine believes in Valhalla and we constantly talk about that religion of hers, And it's pretty interesting.
    So, What's your opinion?

  • Not at all

    It is absolutely not it is a dead religion and is irrelevant now no one believes that all it is is mythology at this point and is widely accepted as such. It is insane to actually think that it is a religion from 3000 years ago. It is not a valid religion choice

  • So people choose.

    To do all sorts of daft things.
    The key to this question is the word "valid" and I would have to conclude that all religions are invalid by definition. So therefore choosing to follow any religion is also invalid for the same reason. Of course that doesn't imply that people shouldn't be allowed to choose to do all sorts of daft things, Just as long as they don't annoy other people in the process.

  • It does not meet the criteria.

    A personal belief, Worldview, Code, Personal spirituality is NOT a religion.
    -There is no central "ecclesia" (official church, Assembly, Or hierarchical clergy)
    -There is little to no official widely accepted rituals.
    -There is no accepted unifying book of worship
    -Its death had proceeded over the course of many many years before its recent attempts at revival by a very small number of people
    -The numbers of followers is well below that of being able to be legally recognized
    -Moral and ethical codes are not well defined if defined at all
    -Many parts of the religion have long been rejected due to advances in science, For example everyone is well aware that offering food to zeus does not increase their chance of rainfall and we can accurately examine weather and climate and explain these occurrences with logic opposed to faith. People used these deities as an explanation for the natural realm, Since we understand much of this now- and it is in complete opposition of the crazy claims made in greek mythology.

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