Is helping caring (yes) or is caring helping (no)?

Asked by: Karneval53
  • Your display care through your actions

    Based on my personal experience, when you take action toward something it displays your temptation to care. You could say I care for homeless people, and it may be true. However, unless you lend a hand you don't display your deep eagerness to support. In other words, one may argue that caring also means helping. But what kind of an impact could caring make unless your taking action to make a difference? For example, during the Hitler Era, when people were asked, "Why you did not protest against Nazis? You watched Jews being cruelly starved, and punished in all sort of cruel and unusual ways, but you all just served as an apathetic bystanders. People would say, "We cared". But if they cared, they could have protested, and prevented this atrocity, right? So, my point is if you deeply care for something or something you display it through your actions. You don't just say I care. You should SHOW it.

  • I think its both

    Your helping someone you care enough to help, example you may see someone who needs help and when you look your gonna end up going because you care. If you care obviously your going to end up helping that person, you don't need and example I think you understood what I said there. I think its the same thing. XD

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