• It should be

    Unlike college and elementary, High School provides nothing students can apply, unless they chose to specialize in a field once taught in HS, but college should cover that. Even so, there are more unnecessary subjects in HS that only bring frustration for students who have no interest in other fields.

    High school is not the stage of preparation of work, it is college. A plausible alternative to high school is a slightly extended elementary.

  • Its hard, Boring and worthless for me

    To be honest, High school isnt that bad if you want to be socially active and want to make friends, But at most part, High schools are so harder and worthless than I thought. They teach nothing but useless and hard equations, Useless science and more english which I don't really need to study anymore because im already good at english. They give too much tests, So much that im tired of this crap. High schools are nothing but time wasters

  • HIgh school are straight up useless

    You are just going to learn something that you already learn the basics in primary and middle school with a chance of forgetting them completely and you will learn it again in college which is just straight up much better because you are actually studying what you want to not what you hate.

  • School is a waste of my time

    Currently I am a senior. I hve know what I have wanted to do in school since I was a freshman in highschool. Highschool still wnts to tech us English, Science, And math. We don't get to learn the things we want like how to do taxes, Take out a loan, And how to succeed in life. We want to learn how to be an adult and not the same stuff I have een learning since 1st grade with slight changes every year. Somthing needs to change!

  • Just drop out or go to a trade school

    I'm a junior in High School, And I've basically given up on it, I don't care about school anymore, Cause I realized something, You don't need high school. It teaches you nothing that you can actually use in the real world, Such as how to do taxes or fill out a 401k. Why should I have to finish the semester in order to drop out when its much cheaper and way easier to just drop out now. Kids don't go to High School, And Parents, Don't take your kids to High School. They will learn nothing that will help them out with their lives.

  • It should be

    High school is said to be the best years off a students life but noooooo. You can't just say that without taking other people's opinions. Personally, I'm a ninth grader and absolutely hate high school. Most of the concepts that are taught I'll probably never use in the outside world. I wanna be a YouTuber goddamit! How is calculus supposed to help me with that? How will knowing when the 3rd estate came to power help me out with any of this? School is just another way of saying, " let's waste our lives". I rest my case.

  • Secondary is pointless

    Im twelve and my school doesnt let you choose if you want to do drama and film making when you are older they don't give a choice until you go to uni then leave to do what you want i think if you want to be a doc then give them the chance to do that at an earlier age.

  • High School is very unnecessary.

    High school is, In every sense of the word, Very unnecessary and a huge waste of time. You have to wake up early, Spend 7 hours being around annoying kids and take classes you have little to no interest in, And worst of all, The THINGS THAT YOU ARE TAUGHT AREN'T RELEVANT TO ANYTHING IN LIFE! The things you are taught are so useless (trigonometry, Algebra 2, Etc), That it makes it worse.

  • Learning nothing that applies to me

    Nothing I want to do in the future can be taught at high school. I could be working toward my dream, Or be doings things I enjoy but i have to learn things that doesn't apply to me or my future. Complete waste of my time. I have so many goals that school distracts me from.

  • It's a waste of time

    High school is retarded. . . Im wasting my time everyday in these science, Math, English, And history classes when all I want to do is make sculptures and paintings. . . . Writing this as i have to study for a big chemistry test just for the stupid grade and i will immediately forget all the info after taking the exam. What a waste of time

  • No, high school are necessary.

    High school is necessary because if you don't do good in high school you won't be able to get a good college. Also it is a stepping stone for your live and job. It also teaches you things that you need in your future life. B.T.W There are a lot of necessary subjects. There are a lot of resources there and its up to you to use them. Its also another chance for you to earn a scholarship for college.

  • High school is the foundation for your future.

    High school is an absolutely important stage in a developing teenager's life. Not only does it teach fundamental introductory skills in academic and applied disciplines that will guide the student towards hard work and perseverance in a field of study, but it also helps develop valuable social skills. Considering most high school courses after first year are electives, students aren't forced to do courses that they don't want to do. Nonetheless, every course offered in high school has a use outside of school. Even math does, because it is the best way to teach you logic, reasoning and deductive problem solving. In addition, without these courses in high school, students wouldn't be able to advance to college.

  • High school is pointless

    High school isn't needed because all that you learn won't be use outside of school. It even has been proven that you don't use it even need more that half of what they try to reach you in high school. So that is why I think high school isn't important

  • High School Is Not for Everyone These Days..

    High school is unimportant because they teach us very unnecessary material that we most likely never use in our lives unless we go into thag certain subject after high school. For example, in math, when will I EVER need to know how to solve a polynomial or what xy equals unless I go into that specific subject in college? NEVER. I just love how teachers try to tell their students how we will definitely need to know this later on in life. I think that school is very necessary up until the 6th grade. That is general education right there. Schools expect too much out of us students. School isn't for everyone. We are all unique and different individuals and they treat us like we are all the same. Do you know how many students stress and even have mental breakdowns because of school work? Because I do. I was there once and it tore me up so bad that I had to leave. So with that being said, I think school is very unnecessary and should be a choice.

  • High school teaches a lot of essential stuff.

    Unless you want to sweep floors forever, high school is pretty important. It's not one of those trivial things you can just take or leave. I don't know about the States, but in Canada, up to Grade 10 is mandatory, as it should be. How important is your education to YOU? That's the question. Sure, you don't need to learn how to calculate the velocity of a falling brick, but knowing you can is pretty cool. You also don't need to learn how to count or read, but you should learn anyway.

  • School is useless

    Sure you need to learn basic things like addition and multiplication, Sail tax. But do you need to know where China is? You are not walking there. Do you need to know how to write an essay? No you don't. Why do you need to know Jane Schaffer format? Its useless, Also chemistry? Maybe you need that but thats about that.

  • Useless subjects no one needs these days

    1-art. In my high school, We were forced to do art. My old art teacher loved me. But when i got a new teacher, We were forced to do kindergarten drawings. But when i drew the fish in a more realistic way, She yelled at me. Why does a teen need to draw a kindergarten drawing. Whoever does that needs to be obliterated.

    2 literature. My English teacher forced me to write in cursive, My handwriting was bad like my father's, (I am fluent in English) there are useless things we should learn like similies and metaphors.

    3. Social studies-I am not in America but in India. I picked global perspective until it merged with social studies. I like history but the teacher makes it boring. We had to write an essay on Indus Valley civilization but I am horrible at essays. I want to be a forest officer but this bullshit won't help me

  • Waste of Time

    High school is a waste of time. It doesn’t not prepare children for college or the work world. High school only exists to be a daycare for teenagers that helicopter parents love to support. It limits social interactions to one area and causes mental illness in children by denying them outdoor activity and developmental tasks.

  • Waste of time

    Education beyond 8th grade should be optional. Everything after from 9th to 12th grade is a waste of time, As it is all taught at college, From Algebra I up to Differential Equations. If the teenager wishes to “prove” their education, They can obtain a GED in less than half the time it takes to earn a diploma, However it is much more reasonable these days to go to trade school and develop proper work ethic and skills to provide to society. College should be considered AFTER doing this so that the teenager will know how to work and succeed rather than just being tossed into the university with no work experience. High school teaches no work ethic, No marketable skills, Limits social skills/interactions, And does not prepare students for college as they claim it does.

  • High school is bullcrap

    Im a junior in high school and your right, It is useless learning pointless math equations and writing pointless essays honestly and the teachers telling you, You amount to nothing is bullshit. Literally waiting 4 years to sit there for a couple of hours in a cap and gown and be given a cardboard piece of paper that says I passed when i haven't learned a single thing on how to do my taxes and apply for a 401 k no I get to sit there and do some common core bullcrap when I should be getting taught real life skills but i got to worry about some math problem that takes two minutes to complete. I think the most I got out of high school was my woods class we actually had fun and learn ed stuff hands-on

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