• Yes. It is very likely

    Obviously. People of higher social status are afforded better jobs and education while lower status have no way to compete. Corruption have led to deprivation of resources for the people of lower social status. This creates conflict (see conflict theory) and people chose criminal ways to gain a place among the higher status

  • Yes it is.

    People can not do anything in the world with money. The elites make it where you are constantly struggling if you are from a lower class. When they manipulate the economy into a recession people can't find work and they turn to crime to make ends meet. Poverty and crime go hand in hand.

  • Yes it could be one reason

    If there were better jobs available for the less fortunate then I think the lot of them would not resort to crime to make their money. Maybe it is because of the low the minimum wage that people choose to resort to stealing, drug dealing etc. Eliminate unemployment and find out.

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