• Supports Local Economies, Earns More Money

    The facts have stated for years that degree-earning individuals earn more money over a lifetime than those without a college degree. Plus, a higher education degree invests in local economies when thousands of students attend classes. A degree is a signal to employers that this person is qualified to work at a professional job, which means more income over the long term.

  • I believe higher education is good and necessary.

    Education is not only good, but a necessary investment. We must have educated citizens in order to encourage advancement and stability in our society. We must invest in education for the good of the future of our children. If companies and government could invest in higher education, the cost will be paid back many times when these people become productive and innovative members of our society.

  • Yes, almost always

    Education is always a good investment. Many of the problems we face as a society are due to ignorance, fear of the unknown, fear of what is foreign, fear of other people. Education can help to remedy this. It also produces better scientists, doctors, engineers, skilled workers, and others. Learn people!

  • Yes It Is.

    In many cases higher education is a good investment, both for the individual and for the country. By getting a degree you increase your chances of a higher paying job and you expand your prospects for the future. Investing in higher education as a community allows for innovation and technological/medical/etc. Advancements to occur which drives progress.

  • Yes It Is

    Higher education is definitely something worth investing in. A lot of companies like to see that possible employees pursued and succeeded at higher education. Sometimes the degree doesn't even matter. They just want to see that you can commit yourself to something and accomplish a goal you set out to complete.

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