• Universities are obsolete

    With the development of the internet, Universities are not the main holders of information in society. They cost students crippling debt and the courses are all outdated for this time period. There are too many filler courses as well. Why does a science major need to take an art history course? Why do the students pay so much money but are not spoonfed? Aren't they the paying customers that fund the profs in this case? I think the universities have gotten too powerful and now they can do whatever they want.

  • We are finite

    We as humans are finite in the whole grand scheme of things, We are less than a dot in the increasingly expanding future of the universe. I get that some people may call me pessimistic but in my perspective humans are so unimportant in the whole timeline of the universe, Sooner than later we are going to go extinct and the universe will continue for trillions of trillions of trillions of trillions years after we are gone. In the extremely small, Finite space of time we posses why do we strive to know how things work and why things are the way they are, We might find this stuff out but in the end it is pointless if there is a end, Right?

  • Education is important

    Education at university is important not only for children, But also for school leavers; universities provide employers with applicants who have developed the skills needed to prepare them for employment - this is the difference between what high school graduates offer employers and what university graduates can offer graduates. These skills are called graduate attributes, Graduate skills or employability skills, And include: communication skills, Teamwork, Leadership, Problem-solving, Time management, Etc. All universities are obligated to develop a number of selected skills and attributes within their students and they can achieve this from the assessment, Learning and task environments that they set for them in university; regardless of what they study. A person who has developed their skills in these areas will be a better employee for a company, And this is desirable for employers.

  • Just some people.

    Higher education is necessary to ensure we have needed professions and that they are properly taught in that profession. Would you have someone who did not graduate law school to represent you in a court of law? Would you have someone operate on you that didn't have a medical degree? Would you hire someone to design the structure of a new bridge who didn't have an engineering degree? Of course not. We need people who have gone through higher education so there must be valid knowledge passed to the students.

    Some universities offer some rather useless courses that attract some young adults. They are still naive about finance so the amount of debt they rank up is not high on their list. They just want to take courses that interest them and paying less attention to the courses they need to get the degree they went to get in the first place.

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