• Yes,higher education is good for the economy.

    Overall,higher education can be seen as being good for the economy.Higher education can generally be seen as being good for the economy because better educated people generally make better citizens because they tend to make better decisions overall and are interested in being involved in their neighborhood and bigger community.

  • Higher educated people could make better choices that would better the economy

    Schools of tomorrow will teach children to be analytical and creative. Students will study the interrelationships of life, rather than discrete and unconnected subject matter. The focus will be on the interrelationships of humans with Earth and with each other. Early Education will emphasize on understanding and cooperation. In preschool we teach our kids to respect one another, to share, be kind, treat somebody as you would treat yourself, but where do you see it in adults today, nowhere, we are always fighting, over things that don't matter, separate and divide, keep us dumb down, so we cant make a difference. Education is key if you want to change the broken system we live in today.

  • Is there even enough?

    My headline says it all. Is there even enough education to be taken seriously OUTSIDE of school? Has anyone been on the internet? Its full of ppl tlking lke ths lol. Sure some people take it seriously and take their education to correct incorrect spelling or know to stay away from those places but I'd definitely say most people are more focused on being socially accepted. Most people have forgotten school is about learning, not an excuse to be social.

  • Higher Education is Great for the Economy

    Higher education is a positive thing when it comes to the economy. It costs to go to school, so that is more money spent and being pumped into banks, education institutions, and other businesses. People gaining a higher education also gives them the ability to make better financial choices, which will result in more positives for the economy as well.

  • Yes, higher education is good for the economy.

    With the exception of a few rare, exceptionally gifted individuals, people need to be educated to perform well in higher level jobs. We need to be taught to be doctors, nurse, lawyers, teachers, etc. If we stopped educating our children after high school, the economy and the country would both suffer.

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