Is Hilary Clinton the right choice for President?

  • By process of elimination, yes

    I'm not real big on Clinton being our next president but given the alternatives that are projected, she's still getting my vote. We have people legitimately pushing Ted Cruz, who is a genuinely vile person in every conceivable way, and he's not the only stomach turner that may be making a run. Clinton is the best choice we have, while only a "good but not great" choice by herself, the other options put her over the top.

  • Yes, she understands the system.

    Hilary Clinton was a great secretary of state. She has the personality that understands how government runs and how to do diplomacy in the world. She may be a consummate politician, as they all are, but at least she has the right interests at heart and knows what she is doing.

  • The only choice

    Hillary Clinton is by far the most eligible candidate for the position. She supports the issues that are most prevalent. All of the progress that groups from LGBT to Immigration Reform etc, need her to champion them to justice. It isn't that she's the first woman candidate as much as she is the right candidate.

  • Hillary Clinton is the right choice for President.

    Hillary Clinton is the right choice for President. She has done her job effortlessly and stood up to most of the leaders throughout the world. She has met most of these people and she knows what it takes to be the President of the United States. I think she would make a great President.

  • Absolutely Not! Never!

    There are too many skeletons in her closet and out in the open. She has no experience and I don't think she has our country's best interests in mind, just hers! I know you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, but I have read that she has some very strong and positive feelings about Socialism. That scares me!

  • Can you say,....

    Lets see,... Whitewater,... Beef scandal,... I'm not going to bring up "What "difference does it make"?.. Or I don't have to use that email,... I'm "Special" She just has way too much bad baggage. Is this what we really want?

    What are her qualifications? Has she ever held an executive position? Had to make the hard decisions? Or she always been there in a support function? These are all the arguments that were used against Sarah Palin by the Democrats. There are plenty of great support people, but that does not make them qualified to lead!

    Really?.. Are people going to play the gender card when voting? I ran into way too many people who played the race card the last two elections.... "there all crooked,.. This one just looks different"... Please,.. Give me a break.

    Its about the Constitution, and those who are going to stand up for it. Those that are saying "vote for the smaller party" are in essence stealing votes from the GOP. Every vote for Libertarians, Independents, and the like are like a vote for the Liberals. The very ones who are trying to defeat the Constitution and say "Lets just vote and pass it first, and then find out what's in it".

    If you want continued lies, scandals, and the sort, please do, but if you don't,.. Then you know what to do.

    An Extremely Conservative Indepent

  • Not at all

    These days, most politicians just want power. I don't like Conservatives or Liberals. None seem to care for the people. They silence the smaller parties with insults, and fill the media with lies to keep us busy. She probably will become president, because it's sexist if you don't. Just like it was racist if you didn't vote Obama. Why should we vote Democrat or Republican if they will keep silencing the real people who want what's best.

  • Give Bill a second term

    While I think Bill Clinton is one of the better presidents in history, I don't think Hillary Clinton is a good choice to be the first female president in US history. She hasn't had a very successful political career. She certainly hasn't had a very transparent career. Hopefully we will have a female president soon though.

  • W t f...

    Absolutely not... She has not accomplished anything except being the first lady, which her unfaithful husband cheated on her anyways. She is a part of many scandals and a very good liar... She has done nothing exept being Obama's bit** . She would be horrible and would be nothing but another Obama.

  • No she is not.

    She already lost the election before it is about time she gave up. It is not going to happen, and for good reason. Not everyone is meant to be president. If someone runs and doesn't make it they should not run again, we didn't want them the first time why would we the second.

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