Is Hilary Clinton undergoing a character assassination?

  • Hillary clinton is hated, envied, and feared by the republicans

    Of course Hillary Clinton is "undergoing a character assassination"! That's an odd way of putting it --- as though she were a patient being surgically operated upon and thus implying that she is a willing, if passive, participant --- but on second thought, perhaps it is as accurate a description as any for the bloody slashing that republicans engage in when targeting a political opponent. But no opponents have been attacked by republicans as the Clintons have and Hillary is now their favorite Clinton to knife.
    The republicans have made it a permanent occupation to relentlessly make up scandals about Hillary, then spend millions of taxpayer money trying to prove at least criminal intent, if not outright criminal behavior. From Whitewater to the email controversy, they have dug and leaked and annoyed and wasted her time to try to prove what they will never prove: that she is a criminal who should not be allowed to run for the presidency, much less win it. The fear that she will indeed win ---bested by yet another Clinton!---eats them up. They are already suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome; now, they are close to losing all sense of rationality and even a tiny square of the cloak of Christianity they wrap themselves in.
    Even if I were not a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I would want to see her win just to punish the republicans for their scandal-mongering and lies and hatred and refusal to admit they can't win on their own ideas and merits because they don't have any worth voting for. Every wild accusation, every new investigation , every low-class insult they hurl shows their desperation to defeat Hillary Clinton and their lack of shame in resorting to below-the-belt tactics. Have they no self-respect?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is undergoing a character assassination.

    Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is undergoing a character assassination. If you look beyond a year ago in the past, Hillary Clinton's political and personal character have been spotless, though it may have been boosted by the press in light of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Then you fast forward to the present, where her name has been dragged through the mud because of the Benghazi fiasco. She has borne the brunt of the blame of the incidents in Benghazi, even though the failure was multi-faceted and overblown by the partisan pundits in some of the media. This is what I would consider textbook character assassination.

  • When hasn't she?

    Hilary Clinton has always undergone a character assassination because she's a strong, intelligent woman who speaks her mind and is very capable, and non-conformist. The conservatives will always try to discredit her and make her look odd, incapable and off the mark, but her record is strong and regardless of any such attempts, she has an admirable record.

  • Yes, well they are trying at least.

    Hillary Clinton is a very strong, smart, capable leader. The Republicans know this, and they know how popular she is with the public right now. They are trying to turn public opinion against her in order to lessen her chances of kicking their butts in the next presidential election. They are certainly trying to make her look bad, but unfortunately for them, they just look like petty bullies.

  • Yes, she is!

    I agree with the last comment. Since Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016, I believe this is just tip of the iceberg! People are becoming numb to politics and trying to figure out the lies from the truth. Hillary Clinton has a very successful career in politics, and along with Bill Clinton has done a lot of good for our country!

  • I say this as a male;

    I believe that Hillary Clinton's negative treatment is based primarily on the fact that she is female. Independent women in politics face a much tougher road than men, and must fight off accusations of being too stern or severe, while men would be considered leaders.

  • No......More like Character "Revelation".

    Character assassination? That's rich. The Clintons have been embroiled in some kind of scandal for the better part of 40 years. No other person, and I say person..They are one and the same, in public life has built a cottage industry revolving around defending themselves from litigation. They have to have a platoon of people just to keep up with the accusations and who they told what lie to.
    That is not normal.
    She is a sociopath. A very polished, articulate sociopath...She should be, she's been at it for 2 generations.

    That IS her major "accomplishment".

    I see so many people "ooh and ah" that she could before the first "woman"...Like that is another qualification. I think a woman president would be great...Women have been strong leaders...Golda Meir...Margaret Thatcher....Elizabeth I..History is full of them. I supported and voted for Shirley Chisholm when she ran..Where were you liberal bigots then? She would have been a great president.
    Hillary will be the ruination of this Republic. Bill's ideas will be "her" ideas. Everything she has originated on he r own has turned to crap.
    Remember how she pushed for "transitioning" Mubarak and Qadaffi out?? Do we call the "Arab Spring" a success???
    She puts on a good front, but she is rotten to the core...A thoroughly vile viper. Forget character assassinations, she's behind the real deal...People just don't accidentlying drop dead around you constantly. I'm the same age..Hasn't happened to me.
    By the way...I'm still a registered Democrat...I certainly won't vote that way again.

  • Hillary Clinton is very popular with the public!

    Hillary Clinton announced that she will going for president in 2016. People respect and admire Hillary Clinton. Republicans and men are going to attack Hillary Clinton's character because they are threatened by her. If she is elected, she will be the first woman president of the United States. I think the public will be excited to have Hillary Clinton as president!

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