• I don't think trust is what's important

    Trusting or not trusting politicians is not the point of politics, nor is it the purpose of democracy.

    I trust very few people in life, so why should I trust a person whom I don't even know.

    What's more important is her willingness to adapt to the contemporary issues of society and to be experienced enough to implement these issues. In both of these points, I think Hillary has it in spades. She relentless and will do whatever is necessary to implement her agenda, which includes compromise.

    The fact that she has evolved is not a negative thing; it shows that she's responsive to the needs of the people depending on the social norms of society. This is what a smart politician does. If you're someone who is flexible and willing to change your views, then you can never be an effective President, or politician for that matter.

    Do I trust Hillary? No, I don't, but that's not the point.

  • Hillary Clinton is a trustworthy candidate

    As any politician knows, in the course of dealing with the various issues around them, there will be misunderstandings and mishandling of communications. It is an ongoing effort to project a clear and honest message. Hillary Clinton has the good intentions of serving her country and trying to do the best job.

  • Look up the Clinton Body Count

    The Clinton are dishonest. Remember the whole Lewinsky scandal? Hillary worked very hard to cover that whole thing up. Also a lot of people close to the Clinton in the past have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Plus this whole email scandal thing happened very recently and people are already starting to forget about it. Do you want the president to keep the nations secret files on a private email and not be held accountable for what is done with those files? We have already had a Clinton as president lets not start a dynasty. Plus Hillary has been in the government for a very long time If she was going to make the big changes she is talking about she would have done it already.

  • She has too many hidden secrets.

    Hillary seems to be a suspect candidate due to multiple scandals over the past several years, including both Benghazi as well as the unknown emails that were sent from a personal email server. She seems unwilling to make the information public that she was sharing. She also seems to make unrealistic promises that the government can improve everyone's lives. Even if she believes this is possible, we still have a huge national debt which limits what the government can do effectively.

  • No, Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy candidate.

    No, Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy candidate. She has lied time and time again about her actions as the Secretary of State. She is also not truthful about her past and present policy stances. She goes back and forth to please the people. She has no ounce of sincerity in her being, at all.

  • No, Hillary Clinton has proved to not be trustworthy

    Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy presidential candidate based upon her past positions and her obvious lack of morals and previous stances in the 90's. Hillary Clinton has been involved in a scandal where she did not protect United States secrets and directed them to her personal email. In various debates, she has criticized the Republican Party for no reason.

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