• She's trying too hard

    Hillary tries too hard to appease the young crowd by pretending to be "hip" and "cool" when unfortunately for her it falls flat. Also, when issues are brought up to her (like the Black woman who came up to her with a sign) she'll just brush them off which is pretty shady if you ask me. Not to mention the whole email scandal, there's quite a bit of controversy surrounding her and not much good will come of it, she's untrustworthy that's for sure.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy

    Hillary Clinton has been known to stretch the truth, therefore she is an untrustworthy and unrelaible presidential candidate. She fabricates major details about her stories and her campaign. She claimed to be unaware of the benefits of oil and gas to a campaign and said she was under sniper fire in a foreign country when a video surface of her getting off a jet smiling and waving while greeting people under no fire.

  • Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy presidential candidate.

    Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy presidential candidate because there are a lot of controversies surrounding Clinton because of her emails. In addition, Clinton has been criticized for flip flopping on her stances on political issues to appease the American people. Although I believe that Clinton is an untrustworthy candidate, she seems poised to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

  • This is the shameful side of politics

    The Republicans have used smear tactics to destroy her presidential bid. They have been relentless in the hopes of getting back in the White House. This plan I'm sad to say has worked because the American public can be very fickle at times and seem to have selective amnesia. She has built an enviable political career and should be feared. She is that good and no matter how you try to take her down for your own political ambition, the stronger she gets. She is definitely battle tested.

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