• Media misrepresents reality.

    Even if he is socialist, at least Sanders is stable in his political beliefs. Clinton simply follows the most popular beliefs at the time standing, without much of a proper foundation of her own. Forget the Democratic debates; they are simply a stunt for publicity, and the directed questions are molded to be significantly easier for the candidates. Not much of an opportunity to show her instability, if the media is always trying to blatantly place her in a good light.

  • I think she is

    Hillary Clinton is definitely as panicky as Bernie Sanders says. She's being tested and she definitely didn't expect this. The Democrats, DNC, and Clinton all thought she would easily win the nomination. They didn't expect Sanders to present a challenge in the primaries. Clinton should be worried and she should face a challenge.

  • Hillary Clinton is not as panicky as Bernie Sanders says.

    Hillary Clinton is not a panicky candidate. She is a woman and I feel that Bernie Sanders saying that she is panicky is a sexist remark. Hillary is the most qualified candidate and everyone else is just along for the ride. She is determined and educated woman. She will do fine as this country's president.

  • No, Hillary Clinton has no reason to panic.

    Bernie Sanders would like people to think Hillary Clinton is panicking because it helps to undermine her campaign if people think she is losing confidence in her ability to gain the nomination and ultimately win the White House. Hillary Clinton has weathered many political storms on her own as a lawyer and also as the wife of former President Bill Clinton. The Clintons went through many scandals together and individually, with Hillary most recently being the center of controversies over Benghazi and her email server. She has handled those and continues to soldier on down the campaign trail. She knows that if she continues to smile, stand firm and show confidence, she can get through any of these issues.

  • Hillary is tough

    Hillary Clinton has stood up against much scrutiny since she came to the public eye. She has been accused of everything from murder to treason and has always kept her cool. Hillary Clinton has also dealt with heads of state in countries around the globe. Many of which don't value women. It's laughalbe to say that Hillary is panicky.

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